Management Plan Update Project

Lake Puckaway Comprehensive Manage Plan - Draft

Please follow the links below to download the specific portions of the draft Lake Puckaway Comprehensive Management Plan. Please note that these documents are formatted for two-sided (duplex) printing. The announcements, presentations, summaries, and questions/answers from 2016 meeting series are located in Appendices B and C.

Information regarding the document and comment submittal can be found in “Note to Readers”

 • Note to Readers
 • Lake Puckaway Comprehensive Manage Plan - Draft
 • Maps
 • Appendix A: Lake Puckaway Issues Assessment, L Stoll Consulting
 • Appendix B: Stakeholder Participation Materials
 • Appendix C: Planning-Information Meeting Materials
 • Appendix D: Stakeholder Survey Results
 • Appendix E: Water Quality Data (2015-2016)
 • Appendix F: Watershed WiLMS Results
 • Appendix G: Aquatic Plant Survey Data
 • Appendix H: Green Lake County Shoreland Assessment Report
 • Summary of Results of Mississippi Pools 5 and 8 Studies

To contact:  Lake Puckaway Protection & Rehabilitation District , W591 Fox Ct., Montello, WI 53949
or feel free to email the LPPRD with comments and suggestions.