Lake Puckaway Protection & Rehabilitation District

Town of Mecan Town Hall, WI

October 26, 2009 5:00 pm

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Malsack, at 5:06 PM.

District Commissioners in attendance were Phil Malsack (Chairman); Clayton Masters, Treasurer; Randy Schmidt, Dave Ferge, Rodger Swanke and Paul Gettelman, Secretary. Absent :Howard Sell


Guests:Derek Kavanaugh, Green Lake Co. Land Conservation Dept; Mark Sesing, WDNR


The certification of the open meeting law was met.

Secretary's Report: A motion by Comm. Schmidt and 2nd by Comm. Ferge, to accept the minutes as emailed to commissioners and posted on the web page.Motion Passed.


Treasurerís Report: The treasurerís report was handed out for Jan 1Ė October 26, 2009. ††A motion by Comm. Gettelman and 2nd by Comm. Swanke to accept the Treasurerís report as reviewed and submitted.Motion Passed Comm. Schmidt made a motion to renew CD Account # 6069444 ($40,525.08) for 18 months.2nd by Comm. Ferge.Motion PassedComm. Masters distributed the District Equalized Values for 2009.



District Members Input:No members in attendance


Old Business


A.Commercial FishermanTim Smith was in attendance and he noted that he has been here for almost 2 months and been fishing for the last 2 weeks.He has a 200,000 # performance criteria from the DNR that he has to meet.He said that he has been learning more about the lake as it is much different than fishing on Lake Erie.

Comm. Ferge made a motion to offer an amended agreement to Tim Smith with the following #ís and $ís:1st - 50,000 #ís of carp removed; $4,000: 2nd 50,000 #ís of carp removed, $4,000; 3rd - 50,000 #ís of carp removed, $4,000: 4th - 50,000 #ís of carp removed, $5,500 2nd by Comm. Schmidt.Motion Passed ††The remainder of the agreement would stay the same except for the changing of the dates.

B.†† Walleye Wagon update and buoys Chairman Malsack gave a summary of what we need for the whole Walleye wagon project, ie.Permits, nets, tanks, testing and etc.We may be able to have a DNR fish person from the Northern part of the State come down and help with the wagon during the spring spawn.A new roof has been put on and other parts have been donated to the project.Comm. Schmidt made a motion to reimburse Comm. Masters for materials for the barge that would protect any other boat that would be towing the barge which would reduce the damage to a boat and for gas when the any one is doing volunteer work for the LPPRD and using their own personal boat.2nd by Comm. Ferge Motion Passed.Comm. Masters didnít think that the buoys that marked the rocks werenít of any value and suggested to get a cover for them and add them to the channel marker buoys and extend that more towards the Village of Marquette.Comm. Ferge noted that this may not be part of the permit.He will check on that.



New Business

A.     New MOU for 2010 to 2015Chairman Malsack went through the MOU on what changes are in the agreement for the agreement years.Specific areas where changes are needed for the MOU were discussed and the changes will be made by either the LPPRD or the DNR and returned to Chairman Malsack to be put in the final draft.This should be back to him as soon as possible.

B.    Discussion of Grant to study solutions to Dredge bank erosion Derek Kavenaugh gave a summary of the Internship Announcement and what will be done by the 2 people and the areas of the proposed dredge bank reconstruction.Derek noted that the Fox River Damage Assessment Grant monies of $16,400 has been distributed to the DNR. (This is our log project that we were planning to do on the dredge bank.)Comm. Master made a motion to approve the intern announcement that Derek Kavenaugh presented to the board.2nd by Comm. Gettelman.Motion Passed

C.    Fish Tagging ProjectChairman Malsack noted the requirements in order to tag fish.There are many various permits and requirements that the DNR will need to approve in order to do the tagging.We would have to establish a reason why we would want to do any tagging and what information we would be getting from the tagging along with what we would do with that info.He noted that it seems to be rather difficult to go forth with this project.

D.    Comm. Schmidt noted that we are getting a lot of volunteers helping the district.†††††He suggested making a list and we should recognize the volunteer.It was agreed that any action taken by commissioners in an effort to thank volunteers is not discouraged by the LPPRD board and there will be reasonable reimbursement available to the commissioner.

E.     Comm. Ferge brought up the fish camp agreement.There is a lease agreement with the DNR.We will try to get that agreement to have on our records.At this point wet may be post it with a No Trespassing sign, signed by LPPRD.Hopefully we will also have a No Trespassing sign that is signed by the DNR to go with ours.We will be putting a chain across the road with our lock on it and a DNR lock so either one of us can gain access.


Comm. Schmidt moved to adjourn the meeting.2nd by Comm. Masters.Motion Passed.The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 PM



Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, Secretary


Documents to accompany the minutes in the official record:

Treasurerís Report [1-1-09 through 10-26-09]

Commercial Fisherman agreement

Internship Announcement from Green Lake County


[As with all minutes, these are in draft form until approved at the next LPPRD meeting.]