Tucked Away

April 19, 2010 5:00 PM


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Malsack, at 5:01 PM.


 The certification of the open meeting law was met.


District Commissioners in attendance were Phil Malsack (Chairman); Clayton Masters, Treasurer; Dave Ferge, Rodger Swanke and Paul Gettelman, Secretary.  Absent: Randy Schmidt  (We are waiting to see who the new appointee from the Green Lake County board will be)


Secretary's Report:  A motion by Comm. Masters and 2nd by Comm. Ferge, to accept the 3/30/2010 minutes as emailed to commissioners.  Motion Passed.   


Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was handed out for Jan 1– April 19, 2010.   A motion by Comm. Ferge and 2nd by Comm. Swankel to accept the Treasurer’s report as reviewed and submitted.   


 District Members and other members of the public Attending/Input:      Phil Antiasie, Les Whitefoot, Jack Splinski, Debra Flagel, Jim Stellmacker, Rich Pergande.


Old Business


 Fish Hatchery:  A total of 1806 walleyes were taken with 1532 being males and 274 were females.  There was 1 flathead that had a radio tag in it.  This fish was 45.5” long when caught and it was tagged in 2001 in between Berlin and Eureka and was 35.5” long then.  They also caught a lake trout and 1 sauger.


Eggs taken on 3/31 and 4/1 and started in the fish hatchery.  It was estimated that we started with around 1.3 million eggs, but that figure changed when we were able to more accurately estimate the eggs.  The reason for the change is that the eggs aren’t firm/hard right away and you have to be pretty gentle with them.  The older they get the tougher they get and we can measure them closer.  After we removed approx 330,000 non fertile eggs over 11 days we recounted and came up with 700,000 eggs in the jars.  We had our first fry hatch on 4/13. 


We have released a total of 76,000 fry in the middle of the lake on Saturday and Sunday.  We currently have approx. 25,000 fry to go out on Tuesday and approx. another 100,000+ released on Wed.  All the Fry are treated with OTC (a dye) in order to track the fish that the hatchery produces.  I would estimate that we should be done with the release of fry by Friday, April 23.


The hatchery has had many volunteers helping with the gathering the spawn to keeping track of the daily temperatures.  This is an extremely important part of the hatchery process as we have to determine the daily thermal units (DTU) which gives us a closer time to expect the hatch to start and when to do any spiking of the jars.


The DNR has been very helpful during this process, especially Bob Olynyk who is the sauger specialist on Lake Winnebago.  Roget Swanke, Rich Pergande and my self have been at the hatchery and working closely with the DNR staff on other aspects of preparing the walleyes for the lake along with making any modifications to the hatchery operation.  Mick Masters again is the head construction guy for hatchery modifications.


The DNR is going to be putting in their budget a plan to have this walleye program continue for the next 5 years on Lake Puckaway, thus the need to maintain all aspects of the walleyes released to be constant and not having any other human influenced disruptions to the walleye program.


Channel 5 was here on Monday and the Marquette Co. Paper and the Markesan Regional Reporter will be there on Wed doing a story on the hatchery.


Comm. Masters handed out hatchery expense;


Comm. Gettelman made a motion that the LPPRD board rescind the motion made by Chairman Malsack which stated that “the district go record to support Green Lake boards efforts to have fingerlings planted in Lake Puckaway” until such time that it would not be detrimental to the walleye fish hatchery project that the district is doing and the fish study that the WDNR is going to be doing.  2nd by Comm. Ferge.  Motion Passed



Comm. Malsack made a motion that The board support efforts by any group or individuals to stock walleye fingerlings in Lake Puckaway, provided that this meets the approval of the DNR and/or Ron Bruch.  2nd Comm. Masters  Motion Passed


Comm. Ferge gave a check for $250 for the grant from LPIA


New Business


a.      AMC report Comm. Swanke gave a brief summary of what is in the planning stages with the willow program.

b.      Action on New MOU and EPSP: This is being held off at this time and going with what we have currently submitted to the DNR.  Further details may need to be cleared up but the general concept of the MOU that was worked out is what we are going with at this point.

c.      Fish Camp Improvements Comm. Masters explained what is needed for us to get a fire number.  He explained the info to the Marquette Town Chairman, Jim Stellmacker.  He and Jim will go and view the property.  We need to get electric service.  We need fencing, a well, and footings, signs.  We also will need approval from zoning.  Comm. Swanke suggested that we have an open house next year.

d.      Annual Meeting:   For the Newsletter:  We will need something from Mark Sessing on the EPS report,  Hatchery-Comm. Gettelman.  Comm. Ferge will do something from the LPIA.  We will also try to have Bob Olynyk and Ron Bruch to add to the newsletter.  We will try to have the Newsletter to only 3 or 4 pages.  Election of 2 commissioners. Agenda: was discussed.  The budget was worked on and the following is a brief summary of what is going to be proposed.  The tax levy would be $34,750 and would be the lowest since 2004.  The budget would be $68,700 the unexpended was $33,950.

Comm. Masters made a motion that the agenda and budget that was approved by the board at the 4/19/10 meeting be presented to the district members at the annual meeting on June 5, 2010.  2nd Comm. Ferge Motion Passed


e.      Tagging The DNR is willing to do radio tagging and we could cost share the program.   Comm. Gettelman makes a motion to cost share the radio tagging of Northern and/or Carp, 2nd Comm. Swanke.  Motion Passed

f.        Comm. Ferge made a motion to pay the $30.00 dues to the Marquette Co. Lakes Association.  2nd.  Comm. Masters  Motion Passed



Comm. Swanke moved to adjourn the meeting.  2nd by Comm.  Masters.  Motion Passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:07PM


Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, Secretary


Documents to accompany the minutes in the official record:

Treasurer’s Report [1-1-09 through 4-19-10]

Expense sheet for Walleye Fish Hatchery




[As with all minutes, these are in draft form until approved at the next LPPRD meeting.]