Fish Camp—W7104 Drager Rd

May 21, 2010 3:00 PM


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Malsack, at 3:00 PM at Fish Camp.


 The certification of the open meeting law was met.


District Commissioners in attendance were Phil Malsack (Chairman); Clayton Masters, Treasurer; Dave Ferge, Rodger Swanke, Randy Schmidt, Margaret Whirry and Paul Gettelman, Secretary.   


Secretary's Report:  Dispensed


Treasurer’s Report: Dispensed.   


 District Members and other members of the public Attending/Input:      Jason Ferge, Jim Stellmacker, Rich Pergande., Brian Zimmermann



The special meeting was to discuss and determine the location for the LPPRD Fish Hatchery and possible alternative locations.


Comm. Masters gave a summary of what we need for the hatchery and related costs.  The costs were approximate but were as follows for the fish camp location:


      Zoning and Variances needed---$1,000

      Surveying of property--$1,500

      Electricity hook up--$500 +



There is a possible problem with using Fish Camp in years with high water and thus may force use to find an alternative location for the fish Hatchery.


Other locations were discussed:


      River’s End Resort—Water/Electricity available, willing to work with LPPRD, direct access to water, same potential problem if there is high water.

      Rod & Gun Club—No well water, has electricity, willing to let LPPRD hatchery stay permanently, have to transport eggs/fry via truck, no direct access to water.

      Brian Zimmermann’s—has well water and electricity available, willing to work with LPPRD, no problem known if there is high water on the lake, have to transport eggs/fry via truck, no direct access to water.


With any of the alternative locations that have to truck eggs, Comm. Gettelman offered his landing as a starting transportation point for working with the eggs.


The Fish Camp location is a more desirable location due to the fact that the LPPRD has a long term lease with the DNR who owns the property and it is next to the water.  We would still have to put in a well/pump and hook up electricity. 


After some discussion Comm. Masters made a motion to have Fish Camp as the primary location for the LPPRD Fish Hatchery.  2nd by Comm. Gettelman Motion Passed


Brian Zimmermann’s location will serve as a back up to Fish Camp and we will be working with Brian to see exactly where all the Hatchery and fry tanks will go.


Comm. Schmidt brought up that some people have asked to use fish camp for parking and other purposes and questioned if this was alright with the district.  It was the general opinion of the district comm. that this would not be allowed from now on.  It was felt that if we did it for one we would need to do it for all and our liability insurance doesn’t cover this.  Thus, fish camp is not to be opened up for public/non-LPPRD district use.


Comm. Ferge moved to adjourn the meeting.  2nd by Comm.  Swanke.  Motion Passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:55


Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, Secretary


Documents to accompany the minutes in the official record:



[As with all minutes, these are in draft form until approved at the next LPPRD meeting.]