Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District Annual Meeting

Marquette Village Hall, Montello WI

June 5, 2010


DNR gave a presentation which started at 9:30 AM.  The presentation was in regards the walleye netting and hatchery.  Dave Bartz gave the initial basic background information on the walleye’s netted and the comparison with 2006 and 2010.  Dave noted that they had 3 fish recorded on the sonic tag receivers.  One was a walleye that was originally tagged in Eureka had a sonic tag installed and was on its way down river.  At total of 3 fish were noted at the east monitoring station.   2 of the fish remained in the river and not noted coming back into the lake.  This means that 17 sonic tagged walleyes remained in the lake.  Dave went on to explain the DNR’s involvement with our hatchery and the walleye fry stocking.  Dave noted that there will be possible experimental contract for a commercial fisherman this fall.  Ron Bruch noted that the DNR will be working closely with the commercial fisherman when they sort out the game fish from the carp. 


The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Phil Malsack, at 10:14 AM.


District Commissioners in attendance were: Phil Malsack (chairman), Clayton Masters (treasurer), Paul Gettelman (secretary), Randy Schmidt, Roger Swanke, Dave Ferge.and Margaret Whirry.    


Comm. Malsack explained that notices of this annual meeting were sent out to district members.  The notice was also posted in the Marquette Trib. And the Princeton paper.  The notice was also posted on the District web site.   .   


The proposed agenda was reviewed.   A motion  Ron Flagel and 2nd by a District member to adopt the agenda as submitted.  Motion Passed


A motion by a District member and 2nd by another district member to accept the 2009 annual meeting minutes as distributed at the meeting.  Motion Passed


Comm. Masters distributed the Treasurer’s Report for review.  He also summarized the report.  [See the report for a complete summary]   A motion was made by a district member and 2nd by a district member to accept the treasurer’s report as submitted.  Motion Passed


ELECTION OF 2 COMMISSIONERS [3 year term 2010-2013]

John Bowers nominated Phil Malsack, 2nd a district member.   John Bowers nominated Dave Ferge, 2nd by a district member.  Roger Schultz nominated Rich Pergande, 2nd by Don Dysland

Deb Flagel made a motion to close the nominations.  2nd by a district member  Motion Passed

 Ballots were passed out and district members voted.  District members Ron and Debrah Flagel counted the ballots.  The results are as follows:

Phil Malsack—42 votes

Rich Pergande—24 votes

Dave Ferge—22 votes


The top 2 vote getters will fill the 2-- 3 year terms  on the Lake District Board.




Fish Hatchery Report--   Comm. Gettelman gave a brief summary of the Fish Hatchery and its location for next year.  The District is planning on using Fish Camp that is owned by the DNR but leased by the Lake District for the Hatchery next year.  A backup location would be at Brian Zimmermann’s in the event of high water.  We will make every attempt notify interested people of when we are going to start with hatchery in the spring of 2011.  A contributing factor as to when we start is when the ice goes out.  Thus for those that are interested, if they watch the ice out you can figure the hatchery process will start.  We will be starting to set it up prior to ice out so folks should be checking our web page for further details on that.  Chairman Malsack gave a plaque of appreciation to Don  Dysland and Ron Huber of Rivers End Resort for all they did for the Hatchery this year..


Dave Ferge—LPIA—Comm. Frege gave a summary of what the LPIA has donated financially over the course of years along with what has been done in the past year for the hatchery and the Lake District this year.


 Phil Malsack-Lake Management Plan Project Update—Chairman Malsack gave a summary of the use of fish camp.  He also noted that we are applying for a lake grant in the amount of $267,000.  He went through the grant and gave a summary of what it all includes.   The following are the main scope of the Grant:  Emergent Plant Stabilization; Fishery invasive (carp management); Water Quality; Princeton Dam and Gates; Breakwater Restoration; Shoreline Restoration Program Development; Endangered/Threatened Species Management (Foster Tern); and sediment redistribution.  He also noted that we are currently in an EPS year and we are planning on putting the boards on around the 17th or 18th of June.  He touched on the invasive species in the lake and what we have.  There will be other habitat protection and navigation issues.    Check and have an appraisal of the water shed.  We are also looking at critical habitat areas. 



Open Public Comment (45 district people there in addition to 1 county staff, 3 DNR staff person and 7 board members).  One member asked about the carp in the Grand River Lake and the Hope Marsh.  Another person asked if there was any grant money available for the well and any cost sharing.  Another person asked about expanding the district to go down stream.


John Bowers made a motion of appreciation to all the board members for all their work and efforts on all the projects that they are involved in.  2nd Brian Zimmermann  Motion Passed


Kathy Moore suggested having the county board to exempt from the zoning fees.  Comm. Whirry will be checking in on this.  A district member asked about the Slow No
Wake and where it starts and ends.  It has been moved about ½ mile west.  Another part of the question was the amount of run off from the farms and Zacharias Island.




Proposed 2011 Budget



Chairman Malsack reviewed the budget and asked for any questions from the floor.  The total budget for 2011 was proposed at $68,700.  Tax levy recommended at $34,750  A motion by John Bowers and 2nd by Debrah Flagel to adopt budget as presented for 2010.  Motion Passed .


Other Business


Comm. Gettelman thanked Comm. Ferge for the many years of service on the Lake District board.  A round of applause was shared for Comm. Ferge.  Thanks Dave for all your time and efforts for so many years.


A motion by Debrah Flagel and 2nd John Bowers to adjourn.  Motion Passed


Meeting Adjourned at 11:30 AM


Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, Secretary


Documents to accompany the minutes in the official record:

Treasurer’s Report:[ Annual Report for the year 20010]

Summary of proposed budget

2010 Newsletter

Tax Levy Report

Charts/comments from the power point presentation by Dave Bartz