Good Old Days

January 25, 2011 1:00 PM

The meeting was called to order by Secretary, Acting Chairman Gettelman, at 1:00 PM.

The certification of the open meeting law was met.

District Commissioners in attendance were Clayton Masters, Treasurer; Roger Swanke, Rich Pergande, , and Paul Gettelman, Secretary, Absent: Phil Malsack (Chairman); Randy Schmidt, Margaret Whirry

Guests: Kendall Kamke, Dave Bartz, Dave Pynter, John Nelson, Bob Olynyk all of the WDNR. Also in attendance was Andrew Sabai, Lake Puckaway Coordinator.

Secretary's Report: Suspended from reading.

Treasurer’s Report: Suspended from reading.

This meeting was scheduled specifically for information on the Walleye Hatchery operation in 2011 and the Sonic Fish Tagging

Old Business/New Business

1. Fish Hatchery Operation for 2011: Comm. Masters gave everyone an update on the new location of the Hatchery and the progress that has been made since we closed the hatchery in April 2010. He shared pictures of the new location and the new well and electrical service. He also noted that Comm. Pergande is fixing up a trailer for the fry tanks. This will make the fry tanks and reserve tank completely mobile. The fry tanks will be modified to allow the fry to drain out of the tanks faster than last year. Dave Bartz said that the netting process will be the same as in 2010. They will start on the Dredge bank and then put nets on the south shore as the ice permits (they will use 5-6 nets). They will transport the fish to the hatchery via boat. We will need to have another cattle tank with an aeration system in it to reduce the stress on the fish. Dave also noted that they (WDNR) will put floy tags in all the adult walleyes that they net this year. They will check to see if there is someone from the Wild Rose Hatchery that can come and help us if needed. Some DNR staff that helped last year will help again when we put the fry in the OTC. The DNR will fund cost of all the OTC and the buffer. The goal for eggs this year is 2 million. We will contact Joel again to help with milking the walleye. We will try to do some of this so we learn how to do this.

2. Sonic Fish Tagging of Carp and Northern: The DNR noted that they were not interested in putting sonic tags in the Northern. They said they would tag the Carp for us. It was noted that the DNR has established a Carp workgroup to study carp. Apparently Lake Puckaway will not be a pilot study lake as thought last year. It was also noted that the DNR really doesn’t have an interest in the sonic tags in the carp. They are interested in aging the carp. They said they thought that we wanted to know their movement. Comm. Gettelman noted that the district was under the impression that the DNR wanted to do this study and tag the fish. If we go ahead with the tagging of the carp, they would be 29 month tags. If we wish to pursue the tagging of northern, we could do that next year. The DNR noted that the Commercial Fishing contracts are still in limbo. It was noted by the some of the LPPRD Commissioners that if the carp contract isn’t opened this year for the lake that we would probably have to reconsider the continuation of some of the lake management projects that would be directly affected by the lack of a carp removal program.

3. Summary of Walleye sonic Tagging: Of the 20 walleyes that had the sonic tag put in, 8 had contact with the receiver and 12 didn’t. Thus, 12 never left the lake. Here are the 8 and their contacts:

23.6” Female Walleye # 48511—139 contacts below the lake

20.5” Female Walleye # 48512—18 contacts below the lake; 1 in Princeton; 270 at Hopps; 2 in Berlin; 10 at Eureka; 11 at Oshkosh Ave; 17 at Ohio St; 9 at Main St in Oshkosh; with no return to the Lake Puckaway;

25.5” Female Walleye 48514—428 below the lake; 15 days later, 821 contacts above the lake

20.3” Male Walleye # 48515—recaptured by shocking in the lake

22” Male Walleye # 48518—Tag harvested on 6/8/10; Retagged on 10/6/10 in a 22” female

23.5” Male Walleye # 48519—20 contacts above the lake

25.5” Female Walleye # 48524—764 contacts below the lake

Unknown sex/length Walleye # 48529—17 contacts below the lake; 12 days later, 159 contacts above the lake.

4. WDNR Staffing updates: Ted Johnson will be taking over for Mark Sesing when Mark retires. John Nelson will be taking over for Ron Bruch.


Comm. Swanke moved to adjourn the meeting. 2nd by Comm. Pergande. Motion Passed. The meeting was adjourned at 2:35 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, Secretary

Documents to accompany the minutes in the official record:

Sonic tag contact reports

[As with all minutes, these are in draft form until approved at the next LPPRD meeting.]