Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District Annual Meeting

Marquette Village Hall, Marquette WI

June 4, 2011

The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Phil Malsack, at 10:10 AM.

District Commissioners in attendance were: Phil Malsack (chairman), Clayton Masters (treasurer), Paul Gettelman (secretary), Randy Schmidt, and Margaret Whirry. Excused: Roger Swanke,

Comm. Malsack explained that notices of this annual meeting were sent out to 1068 district members. The notice was also posted in the Marquette Trib. and the Princeton paper. The notice was also posted on the District web site. .

The proposed agenda was reviewed. A motion Mike Raddatz 2nd by John Bowers to adopt the agenda as submitted. Motion Passed

A motion by Mike Raddatz and 2nd by John Bowers to accept the 2010 annual meeting minutes as distributed with corrections at the meeting. Motion Passed

Comm. Masters distributed the Treasurerís Report for review. He also summarized the report. [See the report for a complete summary] A motion was made by a Comm. Gettelman and 2nd by Deb Flagel to accept the treasurerís report as submitted. Motion Passed

ELECTION OF 1 COMMISSIONER [3 year term 2011-2014]

Ron Flagel nominated Roger Swanke 2nd by Deb Flagel. Mike Raddatz nominated Mark Smith 2nd by a District member. John Bower moved that the nominations be closed 2nd by Deb Flagel. Mark gave a little summary of himself while the ballots were distributed. District members Deb and Ron Flagel counted the ballots and the results were:

Roger Swanke--24

Mark Smith--11



Fish Hatchery Report-- Comm. Gettelman gave a brief summary of the Fish Hatchery and its new location for next this year. Comm. Gettelman explained the method used to count the eggs to determine that we started with 2,434,951 eggs. He also noted that the eggs and milt was taken from 43 females and 49 males. These fish were netted along the south shore of the lake. He also noted that in the microscope that was out, there was a 1 day old fry that they could view. He noted that we had Iron in the water and we had some minor problems with the hatching of the eggs, but still had a good year and released 1,851,800 fry.

Andrew Sabai-Lake Plan Implementation Coordinator ReportóChairman Malsack noted that we have just purchased a boat for the Lake Grant. Andrew gave a background of his experience. Fish Habitate and research along with a newsletter. Work on Kiolsas with maps and lake usage. Wild life, working with endangered foster turns and their nesting. Assist with carp study that is going on. Plant survey update with what has happened and Water sampling sites One in Grand River one inlet of the fox to the lake, one in west basin one in east basin and one in the outlet of the lake. Mostly it was a summary of his grant requirements involvements.

DNR Reportó No report

Phil Malsack-Commissioners Reportó Chairman Malsack gave a summary $149,862.79 state portion. District has to pay 25%. Mark channel all the way to outlet, keep boats out of closed areas, do a planting study with or without carp barriers. Comm. Malsack noted that we have $20,000 towards a carp study. We will be working with Ron Bruch and Lake Puckaway will be the center of the Carp study for the mid west. He noted that there hasnít been much research done on carp. We will tag 20 carp with Sonic tags. We will see how many carp Lake Puckaway will hold. The Carp contract was let and Jed Monsoor of La Crosse will do the Carp removal. Breakwater and Sediment redistribution. Comm. Malsack noted some of the plans for restoration of the dredge bank and the east dredge bank. Habitate restoration: Andrew will be looking into this and then have slow no-wake or do not enter signs in critical areas. Have navigation areas noted on a map and marked by bouys. The boards will be going on soon. When the level reaches 7 at the dam the boards will go on. We are not in an EPS year which is what is used to stimulate the aquatic vegetation. Shoreline Restoration: Develop a 10 year program for shoreline restoration. We have $30,000 (through the grant) for 10 demonstration projects for shoreline erosion. We are going to encourage to try and get some type of blanket permit for projects through the LPPRD. We will be looking into this and start to take applications this fall. Various questions were asked regarding the permitting process.

Paul GettelmanóHunting and cormorant info summary Cormorants:

USDA-APHIS was out on Tues. and found 13 Cormorant nests, 11 Great Blue Heron Nests; 35 Great Egret Nests; There were 40 Pelicans on Pancake Island, but none were nesting; They didnít oil any nests as the heron and Egrets had young and they didnít want to disturb them. They did shoot 9 cormorants. There about 12 cormorants on the east end but not nesting. There werenít any in Bluebill bay.

Open Public Comment: (31 district people and 6 board members). Question on why the carp arenít take out in the spring when they have spawn. This is up to the commercial fisherman as to when they are here. When will the dredge bank buoys be put in? The buoys will be put in as soon as Comm. Masters gets the barge in and has help getting them out to the locations and when the water is low enough to see the dredge bank. When can the markers be put in the rocks on the dredge bank? Not sure if we will be marking the rocks as they have the potential to change year to year due to ice moving them. Can the low water area be marked on the west end of the lake? We are not aware of a low water area on the west end and we are not planning on marking low water areas in the lake. How much did the boat cost? $5,500. Will there be lights on more of the buoys? Every other buoy will have a light in the channel on the east end by the dredge bank..


Proposed 2012 Budget


Chairman Malsack reviewed the budget and asked for any questions from the floor. The total budget for 2012 was proposed at $65,000. Tax levy recommended at $41,050. A motion by Mike Raddatz and 2nd by Deb Flagel to adopt budget as presented for 2012. Motion Passed .

Other Business

A motion by Mike and 2nd Deb Flagel to adjourn. Motion Passed

Meeting Adjourned at 11:55 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, Secretary

Documents to accompany the minutes in the official record:

Treasurerís Report:[ Annual Report for the year 2011]

Summary of proposed budget

2011 Newsletter

Tax Levy Report