Tucked Away, Marquette, WI

January 19, 2012 1:00 PM

The meeting was called to order by Secretary, Gettelman in the absence of Chairman Malsack, at 1:00 PM.

The certification of the open meeting law was met.

District Commissioners in attendance were Clayton Masters, Treasurer; Roger Swanke, Rich Pergande, Margaret Whirry, Randy Schmidt and Paul Gettelman, Secretary, Absent: Phil Malsack (Chairman);

Guests In attendance was Andrew Sabai, Lake Puckaway Coordinator, Pat Kilby, Marquette Co. Derek Kavanaugh Green Lake County

Secretary's Report: Comm. Masters moved to approve the December 8, 2011 meeting minutes as read and posted on our Web page. 2nd Comm. Schmidt Motion passed

Treasurer’s Report: Comm. Masters reviewed the Treasures report 1-1-11 through 12-31-11. (Summary of the yearly expenditures and total of items in 2011) Comm. Pergande made a motion to approve the treasures report as presented and explained.. 2nd by Comm. Swanke 2nd treasures Report 1/1/12 thru 1/19/12. Comm. Schmidt made a motion to approve the treasures 1/19/12 report. 2nd by Comm. Whirry Motion Passed

District Members input: Dan Kohn showed up during the meeting but had no comments.


Old Business

1. Shoreline Grant Applications: Pat Kilby gave a summary of the projects that he and Comm. Masters reviewed. He gave an approximate cost on how much $ Marquette Co. will put towards the projects. As long as the property owners go thru Marquette Co, they don’t have to go through Zoning. Derek Kavanaugh brought up that he just heard that if the grant monies are used they must use 70% of the frontage and have 35 foot deep buffer and have a deed restriction placed on it. Derek suggested that we table this Grant Process at this time until we can contact all the applicants and let them know of what the “new” statute requirements are. We will need to get something in writing as to what exactly required for this program. Comm. Schmidt made a motion to accept the applicants Projects as submitted as long as they are willing to comply with the current state requirements. 2nd by Comm. Whirry Motion Passed

2. Carp Removal Totals for 2011: Comm Gettelman handed out a summary of the rough fish removal report that Jedd Monsoor has submitted to the WDNR. A concern has been made as to what method of documentation to determine that they meet the required poundage in order to be reimbursed. It was agreed that we should go with what was approved in the past minutes. (receipts from the fish company) If they can’t give the actual fish receipts then we could go with the reports that they submit to the WDNR.

3. Commercial Fishing Contract for 2012: They have received their 2012 contract.

4. Marquette Town Hall Office space: Comm Whirry gave summary of what the town board has purchased for a town hall. They have office space in the plans for the LPPRD. If we don’t take the office space the township wouldn’t have the office put in at this time. It was suggested that we need to get an exact cost for the office space and what the township is looking for. Comm Gettelman and Whirry will look into this further and try to get a firm $ amount for the office prior to our April meeting so we can put it in our annual meeting agenda.

5. Any other old Business: Comm Masters noted that we got a refund on the sonic tag that was returned. Comm Swanke asked about having the sonic tags in the carp and northern in the spring of 2012

New Business

1. Lake Grant Modifications: Comm Masters gave a summary of what we have spent on the Lake Grant and what is to be reimbursed. He noted that Gary Hanson (local DNR Grant guy)(Regional Trails Coordinator) had some questions on some bills that were submitted by Andrew. Comm Masters said that he was going to help him with grant process. Gary was going to talk with Ted Johnson regarding the grant and funding. Gary suggested that if we went for an extension on the grant we wouldn’t have enough $ to pay Andrew for the extension period. He suggested that we get a working log from Andrew and we would pay accordingly. This log would have the hours in association with what Andrew did during that time. The project money is scheduled to run out in 2013 and our salary for Andrew would end. We need to have a final idea of how to pay Andrew from the Grant and from what categories. Comm Masters is going meet with Gary, Ted, Derek to get the grant a clear understanding of all the Grant funding and how to do the payment to Andrew..

2. Buffalo Lake –Montello Dam; Comm Masters gave a summary of the time table for the construction of the dam. Construction will start in April of 2013

3. Kiosk: Comm Masters noted that the Kiosk on the North Shore was damage. He will go forth and fix it with monies that are provided in the Lake Grant.

4. Fragile Habitat signs: Andrew brought up that he and Comm Schmidt would put out the Fragile Habitat signs around the cane beds this spring. Comm Schmidt made a motion, upon approval from the DNR to put up the Fragile Habitat signs 2nd Comm Swanke Motion Passed

Comm. Whirry moved to adjourn the meeting. 2nd by Comm. Schmidt. Motion Passed. The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, Secretary

Documents to accompany the minutes in the official record:

Treasures report 1-1-11 through 12-31-11. And 1-1-12 thru 1-19-12


Rough fish Removal summary 2011

[As with all minutes, these are in draft form until approved at the next LPPRD meeting.]