ࡱ>    !"#%Root EntryZ O2c$$CONTENTS BCompObjVSPELLINGX hatchery process. Comm. Gettelman brought up that they had purchased a new microscope with a camera to take digital stills or videos. Comm. Gettelman suggested that Comm. Swank be reimbursed for the microscope. After some discussion it was decided to wait and vote on this after the annual meeting. Comm Masters noted that he has got a deal on a system to remove the iron. Comm Schmidt made a motion to purchase an iron filter from Water Right Company in the amount of $1554. 2nd by Comm. Swanke. Comm Masters brought up heating water for the hatchery. These are tankless water heaters. Comm Masters gave a breakdown of the difference between electric and gas. Chairman Malsack and Comm Masters will continue to research the appropriate tankless water heater that the hatchery needs to raise the water temp 5 degrees 3. Commercial Fishing Report and review: Nothing new at this point in time. 4. Any other old Business: Comm Masters gave a summary of his conversation with Ted Johnson of the DNR regarding the lake grant and funding for Andrew. New Business 1. Buoys and needs for 2012 Comm Masters continued with his dealings with the Safety warden and get the new permit for the buoys. 2. Vegetation report and activities of Lake Coordinator: Andrew said that he and Derek would harvest wild rice and plant it this fall. They are going to plant 3,008 at @ $1 each. Bulrush plants. They will be delivered around May 1. These will cover 4,000 sq ft. They are going to plant on the north shore, straight north of Haystack  Island . Andrew thinks that $3500 should cover the seedling purchase and shipping. They are planning on doing this again next spring. Comm Gettelman gave a summary of a meeting he had with an Engineer from Ducks Unlimited on what his thoughts weCHNKWKS BTEXTTEXT6"FDPPFDPP&FDPPFDPP(FDPCFDPC*FDPCFDPC,STSHSTSH.STSHSTSH.SYIDSYIDH0SGP SGP \0INK INK `0BTEPPLC d0 BTECPLC 0 FONTFONT0TOKNPLC *1@STRSPLC ~1:PRNTWNPR1 FRAMFRAM?TITLTITL,@4DOP DOP `@ LAKE PUCKAWAY PROTECTION AND REHABILITATION DISTRICT Tucked Away, Marquette, WI April 19, 2012 1:00 PM The meeting was called to order by Chairman Malsack at 1:09 PM. The meeting was moved to the Marquette Town hall due to a scheduling conflict. The certification of the open meeting law was met. District Commissioners in attendance were Phil Malsack (Chairman);Clayton Masters, Treasurer; Roger Swanke, Randy Schmidt and Paul Gettelman, Secretary, Absent: Rich Pergande, Margaret Whirry, Guests In attendance was Andrew Sabai, Lake Puckaway Coordinator, and Co. Derek Kavanaugh Green Lake County Secretary's Report: Comm. Masters moved to approve the January 19, 2012 meeting minutes as read and posted on our Web page. 2nd Comm. Schmidt Motion passed Treasurer s Report: Comm. Masters reviewed the Treasures report 1-1-12 through 4-19-12. (Summary of the yearly expenditures and total of items in 2011) We took in $305 towards the walleye hatchery. Comm. Gettelman made a motion to approve the treasures report as presented and explained.. 2nd by Comm. Swanke 2nd Motion Passed Critical Habitate signs will be put out with the new stencil covering. District Members input: No members present. Old Business 1. Shoreline Grant Applications update: Derek gave a summary of what the statues is on the applications and the current rules. The 2 in Green Lake Co will have to be modified to meet the regulations. There are 4 in Marquette Co. Comm. Masters will be meeting with Pat Kelby from Marquette Co. and Sandy Day from Good Old Days Resort to review their project. 2. Fish Hatchery Report and Equipment needs: Comm. Gettelman & Swanke gave a brief summary of the hatchery this year. It was noted that Comm. Gettelman has a video of the entire re as to some of the problems with the aquatic vegetation. 3. Discuss annual meeting agenda: The mailing need to get to Comm Masters by May 4. The 2013 budget is pending depending on the determination of the anticipated Revenues. The rough draft of the budget and agenda is attached. 4. Any other new Business Comm. Swanke moved to adjourn the meeting. 2nd by Comm. Schmidt. Motion Passed. The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 PM Commissioners viewed the hatchery video following the meeting. Respectfully submitted, Paul Gettelman, Secretary Documents to accompany the minutes in the official record: Treasures report 1-1-12 through 4-19-12. 2013 budget & agenda Agenda [As with all minutes, these are in draft form until approved at the next LPPRD meeting.] Page # of # er for the hatchery. These are tankless water heaters. 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