Tucked Away, Marquette, WI

August 15, 2012 1:00 PM

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Malsack at 12:05 PM.

The certification of the open meeting law was met.

District Commissioners in attendance were Phil Malsack (Chairman);Clayton Masters, Treasurer; Randy Schmidt and Paul Gettelman, Secretary, Rich Pergande, Margaret Whirry, Absent: Roger Swanke,

Guests In attendance was Andrew Sabai, Lake Puckaway Coordinator, and Co. Derek Kavanaugh Green Lake County, Ted Johnson, WDNR, Dave Bartz, WDNR


Secretary's Report: Comm. Whirry moved to approve the June 2, 2012 Annual meeting and Directors minutes as posted on our Web page. 2nd Comm.Pergande Motion passed

Treasurer’s Report: Comm. Masters reviewed the Treasures report 1-1-12 through 8-15-12. Comm. Whirry made a motion to approve the treasures report as presented and explained.. 2nd by Comm. Pergande 2nd Motion Passed


District Members input: No members attending

Old Business

1. Discussion of future EPS years Ted Johnson, Andrew Sabai 2013 will be in the mix for an EPS year Ted noted that he had received calls that the fish kill was due to the EPS year. It was originally slated that this was not an EPS year, but next year will be slated as an EPS year. When the next MOU goes into the process, it needs to be presented and approved at the annual meeting.

2. Electronic fish tagging for 2012—Dave brought up the carp and we don’t need to do more. Dave didn’t think we would be able to do Northern tagging this fall. We have 2 years left on the DNR’s helping with the walleye netting. They won’t be able to do a special tagging

3. Report on EPS plantings in 2012 Adrew did a report while we were out on the boat tour. We will refere to the report when we get it.

4. Sonic tag results and interpretations No contacts were made on 7 of the 20 walleye’s. The majority are resident fish and have had moved in and out of the Lake. One fish is a Winnebago fish as he moves from the lake to Winnebago and back. Out of the 19 carp there was one dead fish in the net thus having only 18. We had 2 fish that moved to Oshkosh.

5. Fall shocking Survey results Dave shared the survey results from the fall of 2011 there were only 35 fish caought and there were 40% and then the they did another survey in the spring of 2012 and got 60 fingerlings and there were 48% were from the hatchery. So it shows thus far from 4 years of samplings. The Growth of walleyes in Puckawy is excellent. The DNR is suggesting that 2013 would be the last year with their involvement in our hatchery and OTC. They said that they would be willing to selling us some of their nets for us to go on our own. He noted that there were a lot of small pearch, but not many other panfish. Ted noted that there are huge amounts of panfish in the river by Montello.

6. 2012 shoreline restoration projects—One project start yesterday and another one in 2 weeks on the North shore. Comm Masters would like to take $2000 of the shoreline monies to go towards the buff zone. The cost of the buffer zone in an other project that the county isn’t funding is approx.. $4500 and Comm Masters asked if he could go ahead and fund the cost. There are a total of 5 projects for a total of $10,000. The projects on the south side isn’t considered to be a shoreline restoration project.

7. Any other old business

New business

1. Aquatic vegetation plantings for 2013--

2. Fish tagging for 2013 May be able to do northerns. Tags have been approved at a previous meeting. DaveBartz doesn’t think it is that important for us to do the tagging of the carp.

3. South shore landing repair. We will be willing to fund for materials if the village gets the permits

4. Effects of Buffalo Lake Drawdown—There is a meeting this Saturday for the public. There is 7.4 miles between the 2 bodies of water. It all depends on Mother Nature. They will start the draw down on 9/11, at 3” per day until 10/1 and then stop until 5/1. It will be down for 2 years. Chairman Malsack doesn’t think there will be any problems with the draw down and doesn’t have a concern with the draw down and what potential will come into Lake Puckaway as they have done this in the past. Comm. Gettelman expressed some concern about the draw down and that other residents were worried of the affects on the lake.


5. Any other new business Rich made a motion that the LPPED pay for lunch. 2nd my Comm Masters

Mick noted that Comm. Schmidt and some of the folks had picked up and removed some of the dead Northerns from the summer die off. It was noted that Lake Puckaway wasn’t the only lake with the Northerns dying off

Meeting moved to new town hall to view the proposed office space. Comm Pergande Comm Whirry made a motion to rent the available office space at the rate of $400 per yr. Motion Passed.


7 Adjourn: Comm. Whirry made a motion to adjorn, 2nd by Comm. Masters Motion Passed adjourned at: 1:50 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, Secretary

Documents to accompany the minutes in the official record:

Treasures report 1-1-12 through 8-15-12.


[As with all minutes, these are in draft form until approved at the next LPPRD meeting.]


Discussion prior to meeting while we waited for all to come to the meeting and we ate lunch the following topics were discussed with no action taken.

Sediment redistribution: Ted said that it would be possible for a grant and it would need to be planned out in a lake planning grant. Andrew said that we are on track to finish the grant on time. Ted said that they have a Christmas tree project for the west shore of Haystack. This is through the county.