April 18, 2013 3:00pm

Marquette Town Hall Village of Marquette



The meeting was called to order by Chairman Malsack, at 3:00 PM.


 The certification of the open meeting law was met.


District Commissioners in attendance were Phil Malsack (Chairman); Clayton Masters, Treasurer; Roger Swanke, Rich Pergande, Margaret Whirry and Paul Gettelman, Secretary,  Absent: Randy Schmidt


Guests:  Andrew Sabai, Lake Puckaway Coordinator.  Derek Kavanaugh, Green Lake Co. Land Conservation Dept.


Secretary's Report: Comm. Pergande moved to approve the January 23, 2013 minutes as posted   Malsack   2nd Comm. Swanke  Motion passed        


Treasurer’s Report: Comm. Masters reviewed the Treasures report 1-1-13 through 4-17-13.       Comm. Gettelman made a motion to approve the treasures report as presented and explained..  2nd by Comm.  Whirry   2nd     Motion Passed


 District Members input:  None in attendance


1.  Old Business


a.    Fish hatchery report and planning for spring.  Mick gave a summary of what the function of the Water Filter and what all when on when we had it installed.  We are running at 9 gpm right now.  Right now we are doing 1000 gals of water then regenerating.  We still have the time at 45 min.  We currently have some iron in the water.  We are going to switch to 2 or 3000 gals per min and see if that will help the iron problem.


b.   Performance bonus for commercial fisherman for 2013.  We have a motion from our last meeting to make payments the same as last year.


2.    New business.


a.    MOU changes requested by DNR:  Chairman Malsack handed out an amendment to the MOU which states : “LPPRD will open all 5 lock gates a minimum of four hours prior to any manipulation of pins and flashboards located on the Princeton dam.”  Comm. Gettelman made a motion to accept the amendment as proposed by the DNR (noted above), 2nd by Comm. Masters.  Motion Passed   Comm. Gettelman noted that the LPPRD must start actively pursuing the replacing or updating the Princeton dam.  It was noted that a fixed crest dam has been suggested by various agencies.


b.    Approval of Endangered species monitoring contract.  Comm. Malsack shared a letter from Daryl Christensen regarding the bid to conduct of the Endangered and Threatened species.  Motion by Comm. Gettelman 2nd by Comm. Pergande to accept Daryl’s bid.  Motion Passed


c.    Report from Andrew on spring? Projects; ( tern rafts, water level monitoring, breakwater).  Andrew will start the water quality monitoring on Saturday.  He will start putting out the fragial area signs in the canes.  He showed us how the water level logger monitor worked.  There will be 3 of them put out; one above and below the dam in Princeton and one at fish camp.  This can be downloaded as much as we want.  To start we will do this every other week.  We have one pontoon and may get another one.  Comm. Masters explained the possibility of getting a functional pontoon with a motor as a district pontoon.  His son has one (that we have been using the past few years) and is willing to sell us at the cost of $2500, boat, motor and trailer.   We could use the barge for a tern raft.  Comm. Gettelman made a motion to purchase Comm. Masters son’s pontoon, motor, and trailer at the rate $2500.  2nd by Comm.  Pergande Motion Passed   We may take the barrage and sell that to the grant to go with   Andrew will set a date to retro fit the tern rafts.  Somewhere around May 1.  The Christmas tree project will be ready to go as soon as the water goes down.  The crib is already in. 


d.      Report on eastern dredge bank protection project:  Derek discussed what we need to do.   He noted that this is in 2 phases.  One phase will be to armor the southern (rip rap) tip and then anchor some of the tree roots in the island.  They are going to do some of the hinge cutting of the larger trees and drop them into the water so that they will help hold the island.


e.    Future of Lake Coordinator position, post grant:  Comm. Gettelman suggested that Andrew check into additional grants similar to the one we have now for the Lake Coordinator.  Derek indicated the possibility of sharing the position with another lake district.


f.     Discussion of 2014 Budget, Annual Meeting, Agenda, Newsletter.  Comm. Masters noted that we need to have our articles in by May 10 and the newsletter needs to be mailed out by 5/16-17.    The tax Levy was approved by the board at $32,400, with a total anticipated rev and expense of $55,000.  The Agenda was discussed.  Chairman Malsack noted that he has been on the board for 27 year.  There are 2 positions open, Comm. Pergande and Chairman Malsack.


3.  Adjourn   Comm. Pergande made a motion to adjourn, 2nd by Comm. Swanke  Motion Passed


Documents to accompany the minutes in the official record:


LPPRD Treasurer’s Report 1-1-13 through 4-17-13

Signed Amendment to MOU

Daryl Christensen Endangered And Threatened Species Bid

Until approved by the LPPRD this is in Draft form