Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District Annual Meeting

Marquette Town Hall, Marquette WI

June 1, 2013

35th Annual Meeting



The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Phil Malsack, at 10:04 AM. 


District Commissioners in attendance were: Phil Malsack (chairman), Clayton Masters (treasurer), Paul Gettelman (secretary), Randy Schmidt, Margaret Whirry, Rich Pergande and Roger Swanke, 


Comm. Malsack explained that notices of this annual meeting were sent out to 1101 district members.  The notice was also posted in the Marquette Trib. and the Princeton paper.  The notice was also posted on the District web site.       


The proposed agenda was reviewed.   A motion Phil Anastasi  2nd by Richard Berndt to adopt the agenda as submitted.  Motion Passed


A motion by Larry Loeffler  and 2nd by Gina Loeffler to accept the 2012 annual meeting minutes as distributed  with corrections at the meeting.  Motion Passed


Comm. Masters distributed the Treasurer’s Report for review.  He also summarized the report. 1/1/2012—12/31/12 [See the report for a complete summary]   A motion was made by a Comm. Gettelman and 2nd by  Ginia Loeffler to accept the treasurer’s report as submitted.  Motion Passed    Comm. Masters gave a summary on the damage to the buoys that appear to be intentional.  Suggestions came from the people in attendance to take some action against any individual that have been found to destroying the buoys.


ELECTION OF 1 COMMISSIONER [3 year term 2013-2016]

            Up for (re)election:  Phil Malsack & Rich Pergande


Phil Anastasi nominated Rich Pergande 2nd by Larry Loeffler.  Comm. Masters nominated Phil Malsack 2nd by Rich Kushman.  Comm. Masters moved that the nominations be closed 2nd by Ginia Loeffler. Motion Passed  A unanimous ballot was cast for Comm. Pergande and Malsack.




Fish Hatchery Report--     Comm. Gettelman and Swanke gave a summary of this year’s hatchery results and answered questions following summary.  High lights were: Collected 1,326,279 eggs, released 1,216,000 fry for 2013; have collected 7,492,315 eggs in past 4 years and released a total of 4,374,400 fry during that time.  This is a 58.3% hatch success rate;  All fry are released into Lake Puckaway;  Have added an inline water heater and a water filter to remove iron in 2013.  This process has produced healthier fry and fry that hatch a week or so earlier than in the past.  All are invited to the hatchery next year.  It will start operation when the ice goes off the lake.  Also check the web page as Comm Masters keeps an update as to when we will start.


Andrew Sabai-Lake Plan Implementation Coordinator Report—      Andrew gave a power point presentation on the Water Quality, Fish and Wildlife projects.  Water level summary of how it has been done in the past and the new gauges.  Dam efforts; Shore line restoration; Vegetation monitoring; Threatened and endangered species projects.  Current projects:  Emergent Vegetation loss and restorations; EPS (Emergent Plant Stabilization);  Possible transplanting  of canes;  Water Quality Monitoring (Secchi Disk), total phosphorus, chlorophyll a (alge biomass), Dissolved Oxygen, H2O temperature, Conductivity, pH of the lake;  Endangered Terns, Common Terns and Forster’s Tern, nesting platforms have been put on Pancake Island for the Forster Terns and 2 nesting rafts have been built and put out by the dredge bank and out from the village of Marquette for the Common Terns.  All these programs/projects are part of the lake grant that we have from the DNR.  This is a 3 year grant that also pays for our Lake Coordinator.  It was asked by a district resident if the lake was safe to swim in.  Andrew indicated that it was safe at this point, but when there is an algae bloom in late summer it may not be advisable to swim in that at that time.


 Phil Malsack-Commissioners Report— Chairman Malsack gave a summary of Daryl Christensen report of the terns and other species and how they are doing.  We continue to have a good relationship with the DNR.  We have Jed Monsoor as our commercial fisherman.  He took out over 1,000,000 lbs of carp last year.  Chairman Malsack gave a summary of the performance award that we give to the fisherman.  He noted that he should be able to harvest another million lbs of carp this year.  It is felt that the carp are coming from downstream and coming into the lake.  He stated that the electric barrier was turned on again after the walleye run to discourage carp from coming in to the lake.  He noted that this is an EPS year and the boards will be going on around the 25th of June.  This is the 3rd year of the EPS study.  We still have shoreline restoration monies from the grant and would like to have projects from the south shore (there haven’t been any to date).  There have been some approved projects on the north shore.


Open Public Comment: (there were 18 district members from Green Lake Co. [4 were from the village of Marquette], 6 from Marquette Co. and 5 non-district people).  The following are questions and answers to topics brought up by people in attendance.  A resident brought up the topic of the low water levels especially during the drought.  The individual questioned if there was any way to control the water level.  At this time there is no viable way to control the water level during the drought or low water.  Puckaway will go up and down depending on the water coming into the lake either by rain or high flow rate.  A representative from the clean water   Gretchen Chier gave a summary of what she will be doing in checking for invasive species and making sure that water is emptied from the live wells.  This is more of education of people to the invasive.  It was asked who makes the decision as to when the boards go on and come off.  Chairman Malsack noted that it is with a MOU with the DNR.  Next year is the last year of this MOU and will be renegotiated.  It was asked as to where is the fishing area that the commercial fisherman can go.  It was noted that it is from dam to dam and 100 yds below the Princeton Dam.  How long is the DNR grant good for?  It is for 3 years.




Proposed 2014 Budget


Chairman Malsack reviewed the budget and asked for any questions from the floor.  The total budget for 2014 was proposed at $55,000.  Tax levy recommended at $32,400.  A motion by Phil Anastasi and 2nd by  Larry Loeffler to adopt budget as presented for 2014.  Motion Passed .


Other Business


A motion by Genia Loeffler and 2nd  Joe Vaccaro  to adjourn.  Motion Passed


Meeting Adjourned at 11:55 AM


Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, Secretary


Documents to accompany the minutes in the official record:

Treasurer’s Report:[ Annual Report for the year 2012]

Summary of proposed budget

2013 Newsletter

Tax Levy Report