Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District Meeting

December 5, 2013††† 1:00PM

Marquette Town Hall

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Malsack at 1:03 PM.

The Certification of the open meeting law was met with it being posted on the web district web site and other areas around the lake.

District Commissioners in attendance were: Phil Malsack (Chairman); Clayton Masters (Treasurer); Paul Gettelman (Secretary); Roger Swanke; Randy Schmidt, and Rich Pergande: Absent; Margaret Whirry.

Guests: Andrew Sabai (Lake Puckaway Coordinator); Derek Kavanaugh (Green Lake Co)Ted Johnson, (WDNR); Eric Evensen, (WDNR).

District Members in attendance; Butch Berndt, Bob Burdick, Phil Anastasi.

Secretaryís Minutes:††† A motion by Comm. Masters and 2nd by Comm. Schmidt to accept the minutes as reviewed, emailed and posted.Motion Passed

Treasurers Report:Comm. Masters gave a summary of the Treasurerís Report from 1/1/2013 thru 12/3/2013.Comm Masters noted what we had to purchase for the dam board installation.††Comm. Gettelmanmade a motion to accept the Treasurerís report as presented, 2nd by Comm. Swanke. ††Motion Passed

District Members input; it was noted that the meeting was not started with the Pledge of Allegiance.It was noted that we should remove the president of Puckaway Rod and Gun Club name as he has passed away.Chairman Malsack suggested that district individuals email any changes/comments to the LPPRD Web site so we can address these things ASAP but appreciated the input at this time.

Old Business:

A)   Review of 2013 endangered Species report-Daryl Christensen; Chairman Malsack reviewed Darylís report.(Report attached).Comm. Gettelman made a motion to have Daryl Christiansen continue his endangered species study not to exceed $1000 for 2014.2nd by Masters.Motion Passed. (We discuss having Daryl do a complete study of all types of birds). Chairman Malsack will contact Daryl with this proposal.

B)   Commercial Fisherman and action on performance bonus-Jed Monsoor; Jed was unable to attend the meeting, but Chairman Malsack noted he had caught 490,000 lbs of carp in 2013;Ted noted that Jed said that when the boards were taken off the carp came up the river.

C)   Report of October & November activities-Andrew Sabai Andrew had a power point presentation for the year and the status of the Grant projects. (this presentation is part of the electronic file for the Lake coordinator)

D)   Princeton Dam Study, board removal & repair of locks; Comm Malsack read an email form Aaron Buchholz regarding the Princeton Dam Study. This fallís board removal didnít go as smoothly as desired so we will be looking for a new contractor.  We have 2 other individuals interested in doing this.We need to install a permanent cable at the dam for attaching the safety harnesses used when installing and removal of the boards.We need to repair the lock channel gates and we wonít be able to use the equipment from Montello, as it is obsolete. ††We need to unjam the lock gates.


8. New Business

A)Lake improvement Projects to fund 2014- Andrew Sabai, Ted Johnson;Andrew distributed the proposed Lake Puckaway Project Deliverables report.He noted that we are losing approx. 25í of the south dredge bank, south tip on the east end of the lake.Ted summarized what we will be able to do as far as the grant goes.We must do something ASAP for the east dredge bank.We have two issues to address:To use the rest of the grant money for the balance of items as noted by Andrew.Apply for another grant.Ted would like to review all this more before he goes forth with a decision. Chairman Malsack made a motion that Requests a grant extension on the projects that Andrew as outlined in the 2014-2015 Proposed Lake Puckaway Project deliverables with the funding for the updates except for the management plan. (the project as noted is for 2 years so any funding would be cut in half if only for one year)††† Comm. Masters 2nd.Motion Passed(the order of priority would be Water Quality Monitoring; Vegetation Monitoring; Cane Bed Protection Expansion & Establishment; Common & Forsterís Terns; Fragile Habitat Sign Installation & Removal; Water Level Monitoring)

B) ††Grant extension request; Comm Masters summarized our grant payment record.The amount of the grant was $149,436.47.The state share of the costs at this time is $29,633.52.The grant balance is $68,436.47.

C) Donation to the Princeton Fire Dept. (services with board installation/removal at dam)†† The LPPRD paid them $600.00 as we were billed by them for their services.

D) Harnesses for putting on boards; Comm. Masters Made a motion to purchase 3 life jackets at the price of $229 each.Comm Schmidt 2nd.Motion Passed (these life jackets have safety loops so they can be tethered and released in the event of an emergency.)

E)†† Proposed permanent Cable installation at Princeton Dam; we will do this in the spring.Comm Masters suggested that we should consider hiring this out.No decision was made.

F) Discussion of boat needed to collect walleye eggs; Jed has a boat that we could purchase at the cost of $6,000.Some of the board voiced concern with the purchase of an additional boat for hauling the walleyes.We will look into some boats down the road in as far as what we need for the hatchery.We will also look into what we need the boats for and the ability to combine the use of the boat with the other tasks that are needed on the lake, i.e.; Lake monitoring; marker buoys installation/removal; walleye hatchery.

G)2014 yearly meetings schedule Comm Gettelman will set up the scheduled meeting dates for 2014 and send them out to all.



Comm. Masters moved to adjourn the meeting; 2nd by Comm. Gettelman.†† Motion PassedMeeting adjourned at 3:25 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, LPPRD Secretary


Part of the official minutes will include:

Treasurerís Report 1/ 1 /2013ó12/3/2013



Attendance list