Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District Meeting


February 12, 2014    1:05PM

Marquette Town Hall

The meeting was called to order by Acting Chairman Gettelman at 1:03 PM.   

The Certification of the open meeting law was met with it being posted on the web district web site and other areas around the lake.

District Commissioners in attendance were :); Clayton Masters (Treasurer); Paul Gettelman (Secretary); Roger Swanke; Randy Schmidt, and Rich Pergande: Absent; Margaret Whirry.   Phil Malsack (Chairman

Guests: Andrew Sabai (Lake Puckaway Coordinator); Derek Kavanaugh (Green Lake Co)   

District Members in attendance; Phil Anastasi.

Secretary’s Minutes:    Not Applicable

Treasurers Report:    Not Applicable

Prior to the addressing the agenda Comm. Gettelman gave a summary of where the grant started and what we thought we were going to get.  Derek noted to us that he had documentation that the grant extension has been approved.  Thus we looked at the grant summary in a different way.


A)    REVIEW/DISCUSS/APPROVE LAKE GRANT SUMMARY TO DATE:  After a review and comments of the grant progress summary it was noted that the extension will be going through.  Derek noted that he had received a copy of the Grant extension letter addressed to Phil Malsack on Feb. 6, 2014 from Gary Hanson who is the NE Region Grant Coordinator.  Also that there is another part of the grant that we can add more items to (see part B).  With the boards comments and Andrew’s input it seems that we are now all on the same page as what the board wants in as far as a summary/final report from the grant and Andrew is willing to provide us with the specific information.  Comm. Masters made a motion to extend the grant summary until the total Grant and extension is completed by 12/31/2014.  The final report will be provided prior to the end of 12/31/2014 as agreed upon by the Lake Coordinator.  Comm. Schmidt 2nd Motion Passed.

B)    REVIEW/DISCUSS/APPROVE LAKE GRANT EXTENSION PROJECT DELIVERABLES:  Comm. Schmidt to approve the grant extension project deliverables pending Ted Johnson’s approval of the scope.  2nd Comm. Masters.   Motion approved.   Comm. Masters made a motion that the board will decide what projects are desired to use in addition to the lake grant extension project that will use any and all of the remaining Grant $.  This will be submitted to Ted Johnson for his approval.  2nd by Comm. Swanke.  Motion Passed.

C)   DISCUSS/TAKE ACTION ON LAKE GRANT EXTENSION ITEMS FOR MMEDIATE ACTION;  Derek spoke to the various projects that he has sent us via email regarding the east dredge bank and the main dredge bank.    He would like to know how much the district could put towards the project.  No amount was decided at this time.




Next meeting scheduled at this time is set for March 10th 2014 at 1 PM at Good Old Days.


Comm. Masters moved to adjourn the meeting; 2nd by Comm. Pergande.   Motion Passed Meeting adjourned at 3:40 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, LPPRD Secretary

 Part of the official minutes will include:


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