March 10, 2014 1:00pm Good Old Days


The meeting was called to order by Acting Chairman Masters at 1:04 PM.


The Certification of the open meeting law was met with it being posted on the district website, at the Good Old Days and kiosks around the lake.


District Commissioners in attendance were Mick Masters, Roger Swanke, Randy Schmidt and Rich Pergande.

 Absent were Margaret Whirry, Phil Malsack and Paul Gettelman.


Guests included Andrew Sabai (Lake Puckaway Coordinator) and Dave Bartz (DNR).


Commissioner Schmidt made a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting as printed.  Second by Commissioner Swanke.  Motion passed.


Commissioner Masters gave the Treasurers Report and went over the recent bills. Commissioner Schmidt made a motion to approve the Treasurers Report.  Second by Swanke.  Motion passed.


No District members in attendance.


Andrew Sabai reported that the Grant Extension has been approved, but Ted Johnson hasn’t approved the scope yet.  Andrew shared the agreement for his services (contract) with the Commissioners.  A motion was made by Commissioner Schmidt to approve the agreement with Andrew pending Ted Johnson’s approval of the Grant Extension Scope.  Second by Commissioner Pergande.  Motion passed.  This was done so we wouldn’t need another meeting.  Commissioner Gettelman will sign Andrew’s agreement once Ted approves the Scope.  


It was decided we should be able to pay Daryl Christianson request of $400 for his Tern project out of the grant monies.  Commissioner Masters made a motion that if we are unable to get funding from the grant the District would pick up the cost.  Second by Commissioner Swanke.  Motion passed.


Aaron Bucholz was unable to attend today’s meeting because of a schedule conflict. Commissioner Masters read an email update on the Princeton Dam from Aaron.


Dave Bartz brought the receiver and the tags for the Northern tagging happening this spring.  Dave will be busy as there are many lakes in the area where he will be doing Northern surveys this spring.  His hope is to do Puckaway first thing, hopefully netting 2 days to implant the 20 fish. 


New Business    


Commissioner Masters read the regulations from the state for Lake Districts regarding mileage.  A motion was made by Commissioner Masters to pay mileage at the IRS rate of 56 cents per mile, paid by the District quarterly.  Second by Commissioner Pergande.  Motion passed.

Meeting per diem was also discussed.  It was noted that if there was some compensation maybe this would encourage more people to get involved as board members.  Commissioner Malsack is to bring this up at the annual meeting for a vote from the District Members.


No new info on the fish cribs.


The Annual Meeting will take place on June 7 in the Village of Marquette Town Hall at 10 AM.

Commissioner Gettelman is to follow up with Water Regulation person to speak at annual meeting about dredging regulations.


There was no new information on projects on Lake Puckaway not associated with the LPPRD.


Walleye Hatchery needs were discussed.  Bob O. will probably be helping us again and he can bring a boat according to Dave Bartz.  Motion was made by Commissioner Masters to authorize Commissioner Swanke to get a boat from Jed during spawning if needed.  Second by Commissioner Schmidt.  Motion passed.


Other new business

 Andrew plans on planting Sago Pondweed, Wild Celery and Wild Rice with any left-over grant monies.  It was noted that this did well when planted in Puckaway in the past.

Also a discussion on what was needed for the cable anchors at the Princeton Dam. Commissioner Schmidt will be checking with a local salvage yard.



Commissioner Masters made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Second by Commissioner Swanke.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted;

Randy Schmidt