Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District Meeting

April 21, 2014    1:00PM

Marquette Village Hall

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Malsack at 1:02 PM.   

The Certification of the open meeting law was met with it being posted on the web district web site and other areas around the lake.

District Commissioners in attendance were: Phil Malsack; Clayton Masters (Treasurer); Paul Gettelman (Secretary); Roger Swanke; Randy Schmidt, and Rich Pergande:  

Guests: Andrew Sabai (Lake Puckaway Coordinator)   

District Members in attendance; Brian Zimmermann

Secretary’s Minutes:  It was noted by comm. Gettelman that a special thank you to comm. Schmidt for taking the minutes of the March meeting due to Comm. Gettelman being sick.  It was noted that the following sentence:  The Annual Meeting will take place on June 7 in the Village of Marquette Town Hall at 10 AM.;  needs to be changed to:  The Annual Meeting will take place on June 7 in the Village of Marquette Village Hall at 10 AM. Motion by comm. Masters  to approve the minutes of March 10, 2014 as corrected.  2nd by Comm  Pergande    Motion Passed 

Treasurers Report:   Treasurers report was distributed to commissionaires via email prior to the meeting and at the meeting:  The report was summarized by Treasurer Comm Masters.  Motion by Comm. Gettelman to accept the treasures report as submitted.   Motion 2nd by Comm. Schmidt   Motion Passed



A)    Hatchery operations,   Thanks to Comm. Pergande for cleaning up the hatchery and with assistance from Comm. Schmidt.   We will pay Joel $150 for his assistance with the milking of the fish but we would like a bill for this.  We are going to look into the purchase of a flat bottom boat preferably a 20’. Landmark $125 for trip charge hook up; and hose.  We have enough filter medium for next year.  Need pontoon for releasing fry for next weekend 4/28/14

B)    Report of Lake Coordinator—Sign Contract:     We need to have Ted come up with the additional items that will consume the remainder of the monies.  (approx.. $5-6000).  Chairman Malsack signed the contract/agreement for services for the grant extension.  Andrew is having kiosks made for the district.  Tern rafts will be going out.  The state will be paying for tern recording calling for one of the rafts.  Conductivity is approx... 300

C)   Channel marker, Buoy repairs: Lights are okay now.  We should order a couple of slow no wake wraps for future use.


D)   Any other new business: Fish tags- Comm. Gettelman gave a summary of the tags in the Northern.;



A)    Newsletter for 2014; who will be doing what reports.  May 9 for all articles to Comm. Masters. Comm. Gettelman will get the mailing labels 

B)   Agenda and budget recommendation for annual meeting; was set.  Comm. Gettelman will do a LPPRD Fish report for project that the LPPRD is involved in.  Andrew, Lake Coordinator will give his report, WDNR will have staff for a dredging permit.  Mileage was discussed and per diem brought up for the annual meeting the per diem amount.  This would go under the administration.  $7000 for administration. OPERATIONS;  Andrew brought up some other $ projects Planning grant--$2500; Rip raping for east end dredge bank for approx. $10,000 kick in for grant match.  Building islands would be part of the eastern dredge bank project. Chairman Malsack noted that we need to budget for a Lake Coordinator either by grant or full payment.  Dropping the rough fish to $10,000. Dam operations and reserve:  $14,000; Lake Coordinator Activities; $25,000 (projects, lake grant writing; surveys)  for a total of $71,500 vs $55,000 in expenses  (Tax levy of 32.4 to 58.9).  Comm. Masters made a motion of anticipated expenses of $71,500, with anticipated revenues the same as $71,500 for a tax levy of $48,900.  2nd by Comm Pergande.  (summary; Expenses:  Administration--$7,000, Opertaions--$64,000 (Lake Management--$50,500; Hatchery—3,000; Rough fish—10,000; Grant Match—12,500; Lake Coordinator—25,000)  Dam Operations---$14,000:  Total Expense--$71,500.)

C)   Oak Street Landing repairs with town of Marquette:  We will not go towards seal coating the road to the lake. 

D)   Any other new business


Next meeting scheduled at this time is set for June 7, 2014 at 10 AM at the Village Hall in Marquette,WI.


Comm. Masters moved to adjourn the meeting; 2nd by Comm. Pergande.   Motion Passed Meeting adjourned at 3:28 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, LPPRD Secretary

 Part of the official minutes will include:


Treasurer’s report