Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District Meeting

October 30, 2014††† 1:00 PM

Mecan Town Hall

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Malsack at 1:05 PM.

Comm Schmidt made a motion to amend the agenda to discussion of projects.2nd by Comm Pergande.Motion PassedThe move to close session has been tabled to the next meeting either November or December.

The Certification of the open meeting law was met with it being posted on the web district web site and other areas around the lake.

District Commissioners in attendance were: Phil Malsack (Chairman); Clayton Masters (Treasurer); Paul Gettelman (Secretary); Roger Swanke; Randy Schmidt, and Rich Pergande, David Rickter ††

Guests: Andrew Sabai (Lake Puckaway Coordinator), Derek Kavanugh, Jed Monsoor, Tom Monsoor and 2 additional employees.

District Members in attendance: none

Secretaryís Minutes:††† A motion by Comm. Masters and 2nd by Comm. Schmidt to accept the minutes as reviewed, emailed and posted.Motion Passed

Treasurers Report:Comm. Masters gave a summary of the Treasurerís Report from 1/1/2014 thru 10/30/2014.Comm. Swanke made a motion to accept the Treasurerís report as presented, 2nd by Comm. Pergande. ††

Old Business:

A)   Report of Andrew Sabai, Lake Coordinator:Andrew gave a summary of what he has done to date on the lake.He also emailed out and summarized projects for 2015. (Comm. are to review this report and rank the projects before the next meeting in Nov.)These projects will work in with the management plan.This will help if/and when we apply for an update to the lake planning grant. The updated management plan would be a 5 year plan.We are looking at approx. a $800,000 grant project with monies obtained via various grants.Andrew will be working as a private contractor and he will be putting together a grant proposal that would include his salary.Questions were asked regarding his proposed projects.Andrew would like us to give him approval for a Large Scale Lake Planning Grant ($18,000) and our cost would be 25%.

B)   Position of the kiosk, Village of Marquette.Andrew brought pictures of possible locations for the Kiosk.Proposed to place it in the NW corner of the parking lot.The holes are dug and ready to be placed.Note that the kiosk is provided by LPPRD.There will be maps of the lake posted on the back of the Kiosk.The old Kioskís are at fish camp and one will be used there.

C)   Report on commercial fisherman:The game fish are huge and the carp are the biggest they have ever seen.They are running out of carp.They are at 490,000#ís thus far this year and 694,000#ís for last year.They can only get 2 trucks to haul fish. They noted that there are many 28 and 30Ē walleye.Northern are big and many.Along with big shad.This is the 4th year of their 5 year DNR contract.Jed gave the District a copy of the DNR fish reports that he is required to complete for the DNR.A copy was made and Comm. Gettelman will compile a summary of the reports and distribute to the comm.


D)   Any other old business:None


New Business

A)Future of Buoy placement along dredge bank; All the buoys appear to be damaged.The east buoy was damaged early in the year and the light was knocked off.We will put a notice out that if the buoys are continued to be damaged we will not put them out any more.We will bring this up at next yearís annual meeting.Comm. Masters said we had some to replace some of the damaged ones.We will replace the light on the east buoy.

B) ††Discussion of projects for coordinator for 2015:Combined with Lake Coordinator report in Old Business.Put out small floating plat forms for black terns. We will rank the projects that Andrew sent out.5 is the top of the ranking.We are to get these back to Andrew as soon as possible.

C)†† Discussion of District Pontoon Motor:When they used it to remove the bouys they noticed that the water pump didnít work.Then they got that to work but the starter didnít work.We will have it check out next spring.It will need a complete tune up.

D)†† Any other new business: It was brought up of the type of boat needed for the hatchery.

††††††††††† Derek K. summarized what the status of the dredge bank grant monies and project is.At this time they will put all the grants into one lump sum and they will then rank the grants that are submitted.Andrew would like to have this type of grants ready for the time they say it is open.

Next meeting is scheduled for the Nov. 20th at 1 PM at the Marquette Village Hall.



Comm.Masters moved to adjourn the meeting; 2nd by Comm. Gettelman.†† Motion PassedMeeting adjourned at 3:15 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, LPPRD Secretary


Part of the official minutes will include:

Treasurerís Report 1/ 1 /2014ó10/30/2014