Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District Meeting

November 20, 2014    1:00 PM

Marquette Village Hall

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Malsack at 1:00 PM.    

The Certification of the open meeting law was met with it being posted on the web district web site and other areas around the lake and at the Town of Mecan Hall.

District Commissioners in attendance were: Phil Malsack (Chairman); Clayton Masters (Treasurer); Paul Gettelman (Secretary); Roger Swanke; Randy Schmidt, and Rich Pergande, Excused: David Rickter    

Guests: Andrew Sabai (Lake Puckaway Coordinator), Derek Kavanugh.

District Members in attendance: none

Secretary’s Minutes:    A motion by Comm. Schmidt and 2nd by Comm. Masters to accept the minutes as reviewed, emailed and posted.  Motion Passed

Treasurers Report:  Comm. Masters gave a summary of the Treasurer’s Report from 1/1/2014 thru 11/20/2014.  Comm. Swanke made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented, 2nd by Comm. Pergande.    

Motion to move to close session by comm. Schmidt 2nd comm. Masters in accordance with ss 19.85 (1)(c) to review the 2015 deliverables for Lake Puckaway. 1:10PM  Comm. Gettelman moved back to open session 2nd Comm Masters.  1:48 PM

Suspend agenda to 5 c.

5. Old Business

a. Review of 2014 endangered species report by Daryl Christianson.   Good report as noted by all comm. as reviewed

b. Review Commercial fisherman reports submitted to DNR for action on performance bonus. Motion by Comm. Schmidt 2nd Comm. Pergande to pay the commercial fisher their performance bonus of $10,000 for over 400,000 # of Carp.  Motion Passed

c. Review “Project Deliverables for 2015” by Andrew Sabai.   Chairman Malsack reviewed concerns raised by commissioners regarding the project deliverables for 2015.  Andrew feels that he has $2,500 invested in time preparing the Lake Grant application in 2014 for 2015.   There are no more than 2 grants he will write, one being the DU grant that he will be working on under the Grant writing and Annual Planning proposal heading.  Under the Forester and Common Tern heading the commissioners felt Andrew would place the nesting boxes and the tern rafts, but felt Daryl Christianson should still continue the Tern and Bird surveys for the District as he has done in the past. Under the Phragmites Planting heading, the commissioners felt $4,300 for planting 10,000 plants was too expensive since the plants are free and volunteers would be used to help with the planting. Commissioner Masters made a motion to reduce the number of Phragmites plants.  motion failed due to no 2nd.   Commissioner Pergandy made a motion to plant 10,000 Phragmites plants for $3,000.  2nd Commissioner Schmidt.   Motion passed.  After the motion passed Andrew Sabai said he was not interested doing this project. Invasive Cattail Control—should take 4 days to do.  Under Boat operation—the contractor should provide his boat and gas.  If the contractor uses the LPPRD boat, that is ok, but contractor is responsible for the maintenance of it.  The planning grant cap is at $18,000 and we cannot get it again, Andrew would like to push this forward as fast as we can.    .  Grant writing and Annual PlanningComm Masters made a motion to pay $4000 instead of $5000, for the Grant writing and Annual Planning. 2nd Comm Gettelman.  Motion Passed.     The District will enter into agreement with Andrew Sabai for 2015 lake projects under the following for a total of $12,500 of the $25,000 budgeted for the Lake Coordinator.  Grant writing and annual planning $4,000, Water Quality Monitoring $2,500, vegetation surveys and plant monitoring $1,600,Forestor and Common Tern Management $1,650, Water Level Monitoring $300, Fisheries $750, Invasive Cattail Control $1,250. Fragile Habitat Sign installation and removal $200, Boat Operation $250.  Andrew was encourage by the commissioners to be timely with his projects and reports

d. Report on the Princeton Dam meeting held Nov 11 at Princeton High School.  The report that was passed out was reviewed.  It looks very positive for the future of the dam.

e. Any other old business

6. New business.

a. Lake Planning grant application for 2015;  Chairman Malsack is appointing Comm. Gettelman and Comm Pergande to be on a committee to review the possible grant.  Comm. Gettelman made a motion that we pass a Lake grant resolution for 2014.  It is understood that the resolution for the The Large scale Lake Planning grant proposal must be approved by Ted Johnson.  And we will put back in the $5000 for this in the 2015 moneys.  2nd Comm Schmidt  Motion Passed.   With this motion passing the need for the Gettelman/Pergande committee to review the grant is not needed.

Note the resolution 001-2014

b. Budget review of expected unexpended funds for 2014. Discuss how to apply.

c. Any other New business. 

Village of Marquette is requesting the up to $3500 from LPPRD for the upgrade/modification of the Charlivox Landing.  Chairman Malsack will contact Village to find out what their project is and if it would qualify for help from the District.  If it would meet any specifications for LPPRD, Chairman Malsack will then draft a letter to help the village with the cost up to a maximum of $3500.  Spec’s for the project should be shared with the LPPRD.

7. Adjourn


Comm.Masters moved to adjourn the meeting; 2nd by Comm. Gettelman.   Motion Passed  Meeting adjourned at 3:45 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, LPPRD Secretary


 Part of the official minutes will include:

Treasurer’s Report 1/ 1 /2014—11/20/2014   

Resolution 01-2014

Draft Large-Scale Planning Grant Proposal


 From Phil via email after meeting:  I forgot to tell you all at the meeting that I talked to Dave Bartz about using DNR equipment for the Fish Hatchery next spring.  They have 2 boats and he got permission from his boss to loan us one for the egg harvesting.  So call Dave in the spring at least a couple days in advance and they will deliver a boat with tank and fyke nets to the hatchery or whatever location you would like.  I will be back the first week of April but you may need them before that time