Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District Meeting

December 15, 2015 1:30 PM

Marquette Village Hall

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Malsack at 1:33 PM.

1.     Call to Order Certification of Open Meeting Notice


The Certification of the Open Meeting Law was met, with it being posted on the District’s website, north shore kiosk, Mecan Town Hall and other areas around the lake.

District Commissioners in attendance were:  Phil Malsack (chairman), Clayton Masters (Treasurer), Paul Gettelman (Secretary), Gene Weber and Dave Richter,  Roger Swanke, Rich Pergande    

Guests:     4 guests ; WDNR: Derek Kavanaugh, Green Lake County;  Rose and Ray Miller, Tim Hoyman, Dan Cibulka, Daryl Christenson, Sumner Mattison.

District Members in attendance:  Randy Schmidt,

2.  Secretary’s Minutes:

 The minutes from the Aug. 5, 2015 meeting were reviewed.  Motion by  Comm. Richter   2nd by Comm. Weber  to accept the minutes as published on the web page. Motion carried.

3.  Treasurers Report:

 A motion was made by Commissioner Pergande and 2nd by Commissioner Richter to accept the Treasurers Report from Jan. 1, 2015 thru Dec. 12, 2015 as presented.  2nd Motion passed.

4.  District member’s input:  NONE AT THIS TIME


A.   Tim Hoyman & Dan CibulkaOnterra, Current status of Lake Management Plan:  Tim and Dan shared 3 handouts: Lake Puckaway Management Planning Project update; Lake Puckaway Management Plan project phase II; Lake Puckaway Management Planning Project Anonymous Stakeholder Survey.  (copies of these are attached to these minutes)   

B. Daryl Christianson—Endangered species report and Tern Nesting Project Somnor Matteson:  Daryl noted that this is the 31st year that Somner and himself have been working with the terns on Lake Puckaway.  He gave a summary of the 30 yr span.  This year there was the largest number of Forster Terns nesting here that they ever had.  In fact it was the largest colony in the state.  There were over 150 pairs nesting.  The biggest issue for the nesting birds is the fluctuating water levels.  The other tern they have monitored is the Black Tern.  There are several colonies in the Puckaway area.  They weren’t monitored in 2015 as they are very sensitive to any intrusions around their nesting area.  The next tern that is monitored is the Common Tern.  It is the most endangered tern in the state.  There is only a couple of colonies in the state.  The Tern Rafts that the District has established have been used by the Common Terns.  The chicks have been banded.   Some of the birds that have hatched in August are some of the latest birds to hatch and survive. Common Terns that nested on Lake Butte des Morts had their nests and chick destroyed last year.  It is felt that some of those terns moved to Puckaway to establish a larger colony here.  The ones that went back to Butte des Morts didn’t establish a nest.  They noted that 54 Common Terns were fledged on the district barges.  Daryl thanked the district for supporting the Common Tern nesting project and noted that it is getting much attention statewide and nationally and even internationally.  The other tern that uses the lake is the Caspian Tern.  These terns use the lake to feed their young.  They mostly nest by Lake Michigan.  The terns feed mostly on Gizzard shad, Milwaukee minnows, and some small fish.  They were able to monitor the diet from viewing the remains of the shad/minnows that were left on the barge.  It was noted that these terns winter in the southern tip of Argentina.  Also the birds travel to the east coast and down over gulf and then to Argentina, but they return via the Mississippi River.  They return to the exact same location year after year.  Daryl noted that the other birds like cormorant, herons, egrets and the like don’t nest on the rafts or barge that we have.   Comm. Gettelman brought up the concern of what is being considered with Pancake Island.  It was noted that the Island is extremely valuable to the forester tern and egrets and is very unique and it is kind of one of a kind in central WI.  They noted that it is privately owned and there may be some things that can be done.  Comm. Gettelman noted as one of the owners of the Island that all the owners are willing to do anything to promote the continued nesting of the forester terns.  He also noted that Ducks Unlimited and the Fish and Wildlife Service have been involved with seeing what can be done with the island to preserve it and halt the erosion of it.    The district was presented with a picture/plaque by Sumnor Matteson, Conservation Biologist for WDNR.  The picture/plaque stated:  “Bureau of National Heritage Conservation; Special Recognition Award is presented to Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District in recognition of outstanding conservation and management of the Common Tern on Lake Puckaway.”  Signed by Tricia Knoot, Director  dated 12/2015.  (This was added after being omitted at the original meeting.  It was noted in the April 20, 2016 meeting)


C. Commercial Fishing report for 2015:  No one representing the commercial fishermen was in attendance.  Comm. Gettelman gave a brief summary on what he had found out in talking with them.  They had taken 50,000 lbs of carp on one pull and then a week or so ago they took 20,000 lbs of buffalo and shipped them out live.  It was noted that there was an altercation at the boat landing in Marquette and the County Sherriff dept. was called.  It is unknown if they are going to return this year and that their DNR permit expires at the end of the year.   

D. Princeton Dam Status:  There was no new information regarding the Princeton Dam Status, thus it is assumed that everything is running on time.

E.  Any other old business:  Apuckawa launch dredging.  Comm Masters contacted Dave Patrosick and wanted to know about Dredging the Apuckawa landing.  He asked what he wanted and Comm Masters indicated that he thought it should be, he wanted it 18’ wide by 75’ long by 18”.  That would be material removed.  It is roughly 14 or 1500 $.  The permit is $300  Comm. Masters was asking for the LPPRD to put a $1,000 towards the project.  Pat Kilby of Marquette County indicated that they county would put in $1,000.  Motion by Comm. Masters to approve a $1,000 expenditure for the Apuckawa park and landing on the North Shore of Lake Puckaway.  Comm. Malsack 2nd the motion.  Motion passed.   Comm. Masters noted that Pat Kilby is thinking of digging the launch out and having it face south west.  At the end of the county lot line they would go out with a breakwater.  It was noted that if the project would go in it would be around $10,000 for the county and the Lake District.   This would be done in 2018 when the lake is drawn down for the Dam reconstruction.   (NOTHING WAS ACTED ON THIS INFORMATION.  IT WAS BROUGHT UP AFTER THE INITIAL MOTION TO SPEND THE $1,000.)

  F.  More old business:   Comm. Masters noted that we will need a new heater at the Hatchery.  We installed the heater last year and didn’t have it plugged in.   We need a smaller heater.  It is on sale at $599 but with the 11% discount when that comes up would be cheaper.  Comm Pergande noted that waders are needed and he suggested that the district purchase waders for himself and Randy Schmidt.    Comm Weber made a motion that we are allowed to spend up to $1500 for the hatchery operation, Comm Swanke  2nd  Motion Passed


A.  Commercial Fishing Contract for 2016 and beyond:  We don’t know who is going to get the contract.  It was suggested that any form of weight slips that the fisherman have when shipping the carp out be shared with the LPPRD within a couple of days.  It was also noted that the commercial fisherman have to give weight slips to the DNR within 48 hours.

B.   Any other new business--NONE


Motion by Commissioner Richter to adjourn and 2nd by Commissioner Masters.  Motion passed . Meeting adjourned at 3:33 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul Gettelman