Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District Annual Meeting

Marquette Town Hall, Marquette WI

June 4, 2016

38th Annual Meeting



The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Phil Malsack, at 10:02 AM. 

District Commissioners in attendance were: Phil Malsack (chairman), Clayton Masters (treasurer), Paul Gettelman (secretary), Gene Weber, Rich Pergande and  Absent: Roger Swanke, Dave Richter


Chairman Malsack explained that notices of this annual meeting were sent out to all registered district members.  The notice was also posted in the Marquette Trib. and the Princeton paper.  The notice was also posted on the District web site and on Lake Puckaway face book page.       


The proposed agenda was reviewed.   A motion by Deb Flagel   2nd by  Gina Loeffler  to adopt the agenda as submitted.  Motion Passed


A motion Phil Anastasi  to accept the 2015 annual meeting minutes as distributed at the meeting .  2nd   Deb Flagel Motion Passed


Commissioner Masters distributed the Treasurer’s Report for review. (1000+ newsletters sent out)  Chairman Malsack  summarized the report. 1/1/2015—12/31/15 [See the report for a complete summary]   A motion was made by Phil Anastasi and 2nd by Deb Flagel to accept the treasurer’s report as submitted.  Motion Passed     


Prior to the election of commissioners, Chairman Malsack gave a plaque to past Commissioner, Randy Schmidt for his 12 years on the LPPRD board.



Up for (re)election: Rich Pergande & Phil Malsack.  Phil Malsack stated that he would not be running again for the position after serving for 29 years. Keith Kimber nominated Jeff Kimber,  2nd   by Kurt McCulloch .  Lolita Zellmer nominated Boyd Rasmussen   for the second position  2nd by Laura DeSantis.  Daniel McCulloch nominated Kurt McCulloch, 2nd by Gina Loeffler.   Deb Flagel made motion to close the nominations, 2nd by Adam Malsack. Motion Passed.   Nominations were closed.   The ballots were given out and collected.  They were counted and the results given to Chairman Malsack.  The 2 nominees elected were Kurt McCulluch and Jeff Kimber.





Fish Hatchery Report   Comm. Gettelman gave a summary report of the Walleye Hatchery for 2016.  In addition to the info in the newsletter and what he had on display (all the reports that are required by the DNR for hatchery records) he noted that the hatchery volunteers would like to get their own flat bottom boat to work with the fyke nets.  He also noted that they would like to have their own fyke nets so we don’t have to rely on the DNR’s nets.  He also thanked all the volunteers that helped this year and over the past 7 years.  He noted that the hatchery has released 9,286,200 fry over the last 7 years.  We have had an average hatch rate of 73%


 Kick Off Meeting Lake Management Plan---Onterra Tim Hoyman, Onterra, LLC.  Gave a background of Onterra and what they do.  He noted that Puckaway is a large project and their job is for them to put together a very good Management Plan.  His goal for today is to introduce the folks to what they are doing and going to do as far as the Management Plan.  He noted that any lake needs a management plan no matter what the size of the lake is.  One of the goals is to better understand the positive and negative aspects of the lake.  The big part of the management plan is understanding the positive and negative attributes of the lake.  In putting together the plan is to try to minimize or better understand the negative attributes that have been determined on the lake.  And also maximize the positive attributes.  They want to raise the expectations of what people can expect from their lake.  Developing realistic expectations is a big part of a management plan.  Any goal without a plan is merely nothing more than a wish.  The last comprehensive management plan for Puckaway was in 2004, 12 years ago.  Puckaway has a lot of high quality data that has been collected in the past to help with comparing with current conditions.  With the last management plan done in 2004 things have changed in the lake and how lake managers look at individual lakes.  Fetch is an issue that also needs to be discussed and looked into.  Fetch is the wind and how long it goes across the lake.  Is there something we need to do to reduce the wind fetch on the lake?  He noted that the DNR had an engineering firm look at the data on the lake to see if the lake could be drawn down.  This is the same firm that is working on the Princeton dam project.  What’s the chance of it being drawn down.  Part of their job is to look at this information that the engineering firm put together regarding the lake and the dam.  Also they have put together a survey that has been sent out to district residents for their input on the lake.  250 people filled out the online survey.  They had a problem with some of the cards and surveys as the codes were mixed up.  But all in all they had about 500 total surveys completed.  He noted that we have a valid survey.  So what are we going to do.  We will put together a management committee.  This project is a larger project thus a larger management committee.  They will help the management committee prepare a management plan for the lake district commissioners to approve along with the district members.  There will be a number of meetings and each meeting will have a special topic.  There will be 5 meetings over the summer and first part of fall.  This will be on the district web site.  The planning committee will be made up of the board of commissioners and 2 other district residents.  Tim then explained the process of the meetings and how they will be run.  Linda Soll will be the facilitator for the meetings.   Questions:  Dam construction.  Chair. Malsack noted that the plan for the dam will be put into the 2017-19 budget.  If passed the earliest it could be constructed is the fall of 2017.  Why is the water quality worse when it leaves Puckaway than when it comes in;  Lack of plants, carp, wind.  All will be addressed in the future. 


 Phil Malsack-Commissioners Report— Chairman Malsack noted that the dam project is well on its way.  Looks very promising and will go through.  He also noted that the largest colony in Wisconsin of nesting Forester terns is on Pancake Island.  The Common Tern rafts are very productive.  He noted that 150 years of human intervention of the Fox River doesn’t go away without human interventions help. 


Open Public Comment :   What is with the Dead Carp?  No one knows for sure.  Possible that they have been trapped in some marsh.  Will the LPPRD mark places that have problems like logs and etc.  The boards are not in but are scheduled to go in soon.



NEW BUSINESS:  Proposed 2017 Budget








                              SUMMARY OF THE PROPOSED BUDGET FOR 2017


ANTICIPATED REVENUES                                                                                     ANTICIPATED EXPENSES


Projected Unexpended Revenues                                                  Administration………………………….….6,000

From FY 2015…………………………...….15,000

Anticipated Donations…………….….…….500                                                               Hatchery                   2,000

                                                                                                                                         Rough Fish              10,000

                                                                                                                                          Lake Projects         25,000     

 Anticipated Interest……………….....…..500                                                                 Dam Donation        5,000


                                                                                                                            Lake Management              42,000


   Tax Levy Recommended……..……35,000                                                    Dam Operations                   3,000


                                                                                                            Operation                                              45,000           



TOTAL REVENUE                   51,000                                 TOTAL EXPENSES                         51,000



Probable equalization for 2017 will be .32/$1000 evaluation or $32 on $100,000 home/property.


   Randy Schmidt made a motion to approve the proposed 2016 Budget as presented, 2nd by Deb Flagel.                                Motion Passed.



Other Business 

Comm. Masters presented Chairman Malsack a plaque for his 29 years of services on the LPPRD board. 


A motion by  Deb Flagel and 2nd  Comm. Pergande to adjourn.  Motion Passed


Meeting Adjourned at   11:50 AM


Respectfully submitted,

Paul Gettelman, Secretary


Documents to accompany the minutes in the official record: