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Roger/Jeff; M/S to approve the Treasurers report for the year end as sent out by treasurer Weber via email. Motion Passed 4. District members input None at this time. 5. OLD BUSINESS HATACHERYWe released 2,050,000 fry which was a 76% hatch rate. The big 28 female had approx. 60% of her eggs as non-fertile. We are still looking into purchasing a boat for the hatchery. Rich Pergande is looking into one now. We also need another trailer for storage. Looking at a mobile home trailer type. Jeff said that he know of a few people that might have one and be interested in donating it to the District/Hatchery. He will check into that. Tern Rafts: Rafts went out yesterday. Pancake Island is underwater with some cattails piled up on the Island and Cormorants trying to nest on them. We dont have a Cormorant permit this year. Princeton Dam: Chairman Gettelman went to the Joint Finance hearing in Berlin and spoke on behalf of the District to support the Princeton Dam in the State Budget. Also meet with Joan Ballweg on the following Monday at her listing session in Montello and also asked for her support of the Princeton Dam. Talked with Missy Vanlanduyt of the DNR who is handling the Princeton Dam and she informed me that it is currently in a part that is the all Agency Programs. We are hoping that the money in here for the Dam stays put and not latched onto by another program. District Secretarys position It was suggested to hire and individual. The person would have to write the minutes and keep the records in order. Also get all past minutes, documents and whatever in proper order. If we do hire someone we would still need a person that is on the Board to be the secretary for official purposes. We need to put this in the annual meeting for action. Cormorant PermitWe will not be getting one this year as they have held back on that . I did apply for the permit in the event that the permit becomes available. Any other old business 6. NEW BUSINESS Insurance carrierThe treasurer got a notice that our public official insurance coverage has been cancelled. This is not due to anything we did but rather the company didnt have an agent in the area any more. We will check in on this with other companies and take action when we can. Create a budget for 2018 to submit to the members at the annual Meeting: SUMMARY OF THE PROPOSED BUDGET FOR 2018 ANTICIPATED REVENUES ANTICIPATED EXPENSES Projected Unexpended Revenues Administration..6,000 From FY 2017....15,000 Anticipated Donations...500 Hatchery 2,000 Rough Fish 10,000 Lake Projects 25,000 Anticipated Interest.......500 Dam Donation 5,000 Lake Management 42,000 Tax Levy Recommended..35,000 Dam Operations 3,000 Operation TOTAL REVENUE 51,000 TOTAL EXPENSES 51,000 Kurt asked what our plans are when we have the money spent on the dam. Do we have any ideas for projects to address in the future. Something we need to think about down the road. We may want to consider putting in Bluegills in the lake. Keep looking into the future of what project(s). What type of things should we be doing or making available for residents when the water level is down during dam construction. Motion by Jeff/Roger to accept the budget as presented (note above). Motion Passed. Treasurer Gene presented the mill rate for 2018 based on the budget. It dropped from last year. Newsletter:--Summarized what will be in the newsletter Agenda for Annual mtgNoted that Roger Swankes position is up for election. He indicated that he would run again. Commissionaires ReportIn the past Phil has given a report on this. Chairman Gettelman would like to have each commissionaire give a report or comments. 7. 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