Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District Annual Meeting

Marquette Village Hall, Marquette WI

June 3, 2017

39th Annual Meeting



The meeting was called to order by Chairman, Paul Gettelman, at 10:02 AM. 

District Commissioners in attendance were: Paul Gettelman (chairman) (secretary),, Gene Weber (treasurer),  Kurt McCulloch, Jeff Kimber, Roger Swanke and  Gary Wilson.  Absent:  Dave Richter


Chairman Gettelman introduced the members of the district board to the district voters that were present.


Chairman Gettelman explained that notices of this annual meeting were sent out to all registered district members.  The notice was also posted in the Marquette Trib. and the Princeton paper.  The notice was also posted on the District web site and on Lake Puckaway face book page.      


The proposed agenda was repaired as noted by Chairman Gettelman:  the 30 min time limit for public comment was suspended and there will be a 15 min break after the adoption of the proposed budget at which time the board will reconvene and elect officers for the upcoming year and act on any items brought up in the annual meeting. .     A motion by Deb Flagel   2nd by Rich Pergande  to adopt the agenda repaired   Motion Passed


A motion Larry Loeffler  to accept the 2016 annual meeting minutes as distributed at the meeting with the correction of the meeting place from Town to Village  2nd   Larry Shane Motion Passed


Commissioner Weber refered to the Treasurer’s Report for review. (1000+ newsletters sent out)  treasurer Weber  summarized the report. 1/1/2016—12/31/16 [See the report for a complete summary]   A motion was made by Randy Bollig and 2nd by Deb Flagel to accept the treasurer’s report as submitted.  Motion Passed     




Up for (re)election: Roger Swanke.  Motion by Dave Ferge to nominate Roger Swanke 2nd by   Gail Birch.

Chairman Gettelman asked for any other nominations 3 times.  Deb Flagel made a motion to close the nominations 2nd by Dave Ferge.  Motion Passed  Roger Swanke will continue as a commissioner for the next 3 years.




FISH HATCHERY  Chairman Gettelman noted that we had released 2,050,000 fry this year and have released over 11 million fry during the existence of the hatchery in 2010.  It was also noted that we had one 28” female that gave us over 2.75 qts of eggs (320,000 eggs).  Although the high amount of eggs less than 40% of the eggs were fertile.


Commissioners Report   Chairman Gettelman noted that we would deviate from past practices and let each commissioner have a chance to talk to the district members. BUT prior to them speaking Chairman Gettelman gave a plaque to past Commissioner Rich Pergande for all is years on the board and his continued effort/help with the Lake District.  His efforts were/are much appreciated.  A plaque was also going to be given to our past treasurer, Mick Masters if he was in attendance.  The Chairman will get the plaque to him.

Jeff Kimber, Roger Swanke, Gary Wilson, Gene Weber, and Kurt McCulloch gave a short talk of the district from their prospective.  Chairman Gettelman introduced Rep. Joan Ballweg to comment on the Princeton Dam update.  The dam is in the budget and looks as a go to be constructed.




Chairman Gettelman gave a summary of the Princeton Dam project along with the Lake Management Plan and how it all intertwines with each other.  He noted that the DNR has accepted the Lake Puckaway Comprehensive Management Plan that we have to approve.  At this point the meeting was opened up for public comment/questions and/or concerns.  From here the meeting went on for an hour and a half with district members asking questions, expression concerns and making personal comments regarding the Lake Puckaway Comprehensive Management Plan.  Some of the comments/questions were:

          If the Comprehensive Management Plan is passed do we have to meet any further requirements from either the DNR or EPA? 

          Has the muck been tested and will it even grow weeds?  With the use of Roundup will that have some effect on the growth?

          Is the drawdown in conjunction with the dam or will there be a drawdown and then the dam built and another drawdown? 

          If you are going to do the drawdown with the dam how much are you going to draw it down? 

          Are we basically building the same type of fixed crest dam as in Montello with a fish ladder? 

          Aren’t you worried if the east end of the lake is lowered and the weeds take hold that with the low water during winter that the ice will take out the weeds and roots? 

          Has there been any research done by the district on property values dropping during the drawdown.  They have dropped on Buffalo due to the drawdown and there are house for sale all over the place.

          Can you tell us when the drawdown will take place? 


The majority of the questions were answered in the Lake Plan and were discussed at this time.  Other questions/concerns were discussed and addressed by the board during the open session.


District member, Randy Schmidt made a motion to allow the board to make the decision on the Comprehensive Lake Management Plan  2nd by Deb Flagel.  Yes—24   No—17 MOTION PASSED







ANTICIPATED REVENUES                                                                                                                                ANTICIPATED EXPENSES


Projected Unexpended Revenues                                                                                                             Administration………………………….….6,000

From FY 2017…………………………...….15,000

Anticipated Donations…………….….…….500                                  Hatchery 2,000

                                                                                                                    Rough Fish 10,000

Lake Projects                  25,000

Anticipated Interest……………….....…..500                                    Dam Donation                                                                                                5,000


Lake Management                      42,000


Tax Levy Recommended……..……35,000                               Dam Operations   3,000 Operation 

TOTAL REVENUE                            51,000                                        TOTAL EXPENSES                                                            51,000




          Phil Anastasi made a motion to adopt the budget as presented.  2nd by Larry Loeffler.  MOTION PASSED


The board moved into a 15 minute break as noted in the revised agenda at 12:18 PM


The board returned to active session at 12:45 PM


We need to get the work group set up.


The first order of business was to establish who would hold what positions.  We still need to have to a secretary.  It was general consensus to keep the same officers for the upcoming year and look into hiring a secretary/clerk type individual.  We should also consider having an attorney to represent us as needed.


Next order of business is to act on the motion that was passed in the open session of the earlier portion of the agenda.  Comm. Weber made a motion to accept/adopt the Lake Puckaway Comprehensive Lake Management Plan  2nd by Comm. Wilson.  Motion Passed on a vote of 5 to 1.  Comm Swanke voted against the plan.


Comm. Weber made a motion to Adjourn 2nd by Comm Kimber.  Motion Passed



Respectfully submitted,


Paul Gettelman,

Chairman, Secretary