On January 10th the LPPRD had a District meeting scheduled and approx. 10 district residents showed up, but there weren't enough Commissionaires present for a quorum. With that the Chairman noted that they would still go through the agenda, but were unable to take any action. The good winter fishing was noted by some of the district members. One of the major topics on the agenda was the Princeton Dam and the progress there. The chairman noted that the project had been put in the Building Commissions agenda for Dec. and that it was approved. I have tried to get the minutes from the meeting but only have been able to get what was in the agenda. (as soon as the minutes are available I will post that portion of them regarding the dam) Thus, below is a lift from the agenda for the Princeton Dam. Remember that the dates listed are estimates and are subject to change. This is the best news I think we can get for this point in the process. Thanks to all that have spent many hours working on the Princeton Dam project.


(from the agenda)

Princeton Lock and Dam –Lock and Dam Renovation (16H2J):

Project Description and Justification: The project consists of the placement of riprap downstream of the dam to reduce the downstream hydraulic, replacement of the flashboard system with a raised fixed crest, and construction of a
Bypass fishway structure within the dam's left abutment. Additional site improvements include removal of trees and brush adjacent to the dam and lock, dry masonry structures, reconstruction of the lock gate structure access steps, relocation of the gate operations control panel, replacement of the wooden gateway decking with steel grating, and additional security fencing. Operation of the Princeton Dam in its current configuration presents a significant safety hazard with potentially perilous consequences. Aside from the primary purpose of reducing the safety risk, modifying the dam may stabilize water levels for the residents of the Lake Puckaway Association and may help implement future water quality and fisheries improvements. These are the desired outcomes for both the DNR and the local public both upstream and downstream from the existing dam.

Construction $1,452,100: SBC Approval Dec 2017:
Design $126,300: A/E Selection Ocr 2016:
DFDM Mgt $62,200: Bid Opening Feb 2018:
Contingency $101,600: Start Construction May 2018:
Other Fees $18,900: Substantial Completion Oct 2018:
TOTAL $1,761,100: Final Completion Nov 2018:

Previous Action: None.