JUNE 2, 2018


In accordance with Ch 33.30 (1) of Wi Statutes the 40th annual meeting of the Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District was called to order at 10AM on Saturday June 2nd 2018 by Chairman Paul Gettelman.


Commissioners in attendance:  Paul Gettelman, Gene Weber, Kurt McCulloch, Jeff Kimber, Bob Schweder, Gary Wilson, Roger Swanke


Certification of Open Meeting Notice was meet with 1,077 newsletters; Marquette Trib.; Markesan Regional; Web page, on Facebookand  North and South shore kiosks.  Thank you to Mick Masters for putting together the newsletter.


Adoption of Agenda    The Agenda was corrected to be in a more accurate order, content hasn’t changed from the one in the newsletter.  MikeRaddatz made a motion to adopt the agenda as amended, 2nd by Dave Ferge.  Motion Passed.


Secretary’s Report;  Paul Gettelman ( June 3, 2017 )  The secretary’s report was handed out with the other materials and also on the web page.  Mike Raddatz made a motion to suspend the reading of the secretary’s report, Deb Flagel 2nd the motion.  Motion Passed. 


Treasurer’s Cash Flow Report:  2017   The Treasurers report was handed out in a limited number.  Treasurer Weber gave a summary of the report.  Motion by Gina Loeffler to accept the report as written and summarized, 2nd by Phil Melsack.  Motion Passed.


Annual Audit summary   Conducted on May 9, 2018   by Randy Schmidt, Paul Gettelman and Gene Weber.  Books balanced with Bank.


Old Business  

  1. Dave Ferge LPIA-  noted that after about 4 years of inactivity they decided to disband and take the monies from the Association and give them to the district.  There was a little over $6,000 that was given to the lake district for buoys and the hatchery.
  2. Ted Johnson—WDNR/ Brian Glenzinski-Ducks Unlimited  Ted gave a summary of his involvement with the lake and the lake management plan.  They just completed a wind/wave study on the east end of the lake which showed the effects of the wind/waves on the sediment.  With the district adopting their lake management plan and that it was approved by the WDNR now makes the district for up to $200,000 annually in lake management grants.  We will be looking into island creations in the future.  Islands from the point of Haystack point to the east will block a vast majority of the wave action thus creating a better situation for aquatic vegetation and reduction in sediment suspension. Brian Glenzinski   He was brought into the Lake Puckaway workgroup by Ted and his involvement with him in the Lake Poygan project.  He noted that they have secured a million dollar grant through the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) for the Fox River system.  Puckaway is part of this grant by the Lake district participating by dedicating $5,000 towards the program.  DU has $100,000 specifically targeted for Lake Puckaway.  This will be a great start for improvement of water quality and wildlife habitat for the lake.
  3. Fish Hatchery Report;  Paul Gettelman  Poor year as noted in newsletter.  Ended up with 176,000 fry released.  Chariman Gettelman noted that this spring while Randy Schmidt and Rich Pergande were putting out the tern rafts someone came and cut a 4 x 4 foot hole in one of the nets.

4.    Commissioners Report;  Paul Gettelman-- Good results on Tern rafts as noted in newsletter.  A special thanks to Randy Schmidt and Rich Pergande for their help with the tern rafts and the marker buoys.  But have some bad issues happening on lake over the past couple of years.  As noted last year the channel buoys have been damaged by people running over them and breaking the lights off.  Some folks now following the Slow-No Wake signs in the River.  Someone stole the slow now wake sign at the hatchery. Someone vandalized the fyke nets that the DNR gave us to use.  This may cause them to stop letting us use them or even not issue a hatchery permit.

  1. Open Public Comment;  (30 Minutes)  Public comments varied for over 40 minutes.  They covered topics of the Drawdown, Carp removal, Aquatic vegetation, internal/external load of the lake, Phosphorous levels in the lake, Low water Bench mark during the drawdown, have meetings on the weekends, and for people to check with their County Land Conservation Department for assistance with farmers that have run off.  It was apparent that some of the folks that spoke were speaking form misinformation being told to them regarding the lake management plan or misunderstand the lake management plan itself.  (45 min)


New Business


1      Election of two commissioners for 3 year terms                                                          

                Paul Gettelman and Gene Weber.   Chairman Gettelman passed the gavel to Kurt McCulloch for the elections


The first election will be for the term for Gene Weber.  Gene was nominated.   After 3 calls for nominations, Phil Melsack moved that nominations  be closed and a unanimous  ballot cast for Gene Weber.  Deb Flagel 2nd.  Motion Passed


Phil Melsack made a motion to nominate Paul Gettelman, 2nd by Ken Binkley.  Cathy Vales nominated Keith Barnes 2nd by Dan Ritigilano.  The candidates gave a summary of themselves and ballots were passed out.   Results of the election were as follows PaulGettelman  45 ; Keith Barnes  58


    2.      Proposed 2019 Budget and Tax levy. Treasurer Weber summarized the proposed Budget for 2019 and gave a summary of the tax levy.




ANTICIPATED REVENUES                                                           ANTICIPATED EXPENSES


Projected Unexpended Revenues                                                  Administration………………’……….….5,000

From FY 2018…………………………..11,000

Anticipated Donations……….…..….…  100                                   Lake Management                     23,000

                                                                                                           Hatchery                                          2,000          

 Anticipated Interest……………….....…..500                                     Rough Fish                                    10,000

                                                                                                           Dredge Bank Restoration              5,000

                                                                                                           Tern raft & survey                          1,500                     

Tax Levy Recommended……..…… $34,900

                                                                                                        Operations                                          41,500    


TOTAL REVENUE                              $46,500                                   TOTAL EXPENSES                        $46,500 


Probable equalization for 2019 will be .31/$1,000 or $31 on $100,000 home/property.


Probable equalization for 2019 will be .31/$1,000 or $31 on $100,000 home/property.

Lake Puckaway Protection & Rehabilitation District


  PROPOSED TAX LEVY 2019                                                     34,900



    3.     Budget Hearing and Adoption of the 2019 Budget

          Mike Raddats made a motion to adopt the budget for 2019 2nd by Phil Melsack:Motion Passed.


               15 minute break  (11:45 AM)


   4.     Return to meeting to act on any topics from the Annual Meeting and elect officers for 2018-2019


Election of LPPRD board officers by the board.

Treasurer: Gene Weber  Nominated by K. McCulloch/1st J. Kimber/2nd G. Weber (Reinstalled)

No members interested in Secretary Position Chairman to take on Secretary position

Chairman: K. McCulloch nominated by J. Kimber/ 1st G. Weber/ 2nd B. Schwender

                  Keith Barnes nominated by R. Swanke/ 1st G. Wilson/ 2nd R. Swanke

 Vote was take (4) K McCulloch / (3) K. Barnes   New Chairman for 2018 – 2019 is Kurt McCulloch


Board excepted Mary Gabel to volunteered with note taking for the LPPRD board Thanks Mary for her help.


Meeting motioned to closed by G. Weber/ 1st  J Kimber 2nd/ R. Swanke