Commissioners meeting


                    Saturday December 1, 2018  10:00 AM

                                   Marquette Village Hall


              Commissioners in attendance

            Chairman McCulloch, Gene Weber, Roger Swanke, Bob Schwedner, Gary Wilson,

            Jeff Kimber. Absent Keith Barnes.       Minutes recorded by Kurt McCulloch


1.     Certification of Open Meeting Notice

Notice placed in Marquette Tribune, Markesan Regional Reporter & LPPRD Website

2.     Prior Meeting Minutes

Minutes from October 22, 2018 LPPRD Meeting were adopted. Motion was made by

Bob Schweder and seconded by Gary Wilson. Motion passed

3.     Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda remained the same as posted

Secretary’s Report, Chairman McCulloch presented the secretary’s  report.   Bob Schweder made a motion to accept the report as provided, seconded by Gene Weber. Motion passed

4.     Old Business

          A  Princeton Dam update. Brett Bender WDNR reported that final construction and  

              bidding documents have been sent back to the Project Design for corrections. With  

              a bid package planned for early this spring. The Army Corp of Engineers are    

            reviewing documents for permits, Dam construction status is scheduled for a spring


      B. Update on the Lake Puckaway State Grant. Green Lake County will be the grant

          sponsor. The grant goal is to rebuild the east dredge bank and develop future islands

                in the east basin to protect wind/wave action. Tim Hoyman our LPPRD representative

               is hired by the LPPRD to write the grant. Grant writing will start the second week in

               December. DU grant money will provide the front financial money for the grant

              No funds by the LPPRD will be used to match the grant application other than writing

      and coordinating the submittal.


          C.  Carp Removal Incentive Contact Update. Dave Bartz WDNR informed the LPPRD                                           

               chairman that the WDNR carp removal project is changing in 2019. WDNR will not be

               issuing Permits for the State of Wisconsin Lakes to commercial rough fish. Our      

         incentive plans for 2019 is in place. Board shall revisit the research data to continued          

               carp removal

          D.  Removal of Tern Rafts and buoys were removed the second week of November by

                 Peirs Plus. One raft  has floatation aluminum tube damage.



      E.  Tern Raft additions. Motion was made for Jeff Kimber to add a third Term Raft with Daryl

           Christensen. The motion was seconded by Gary Wilson. Motion passed


     F.  Improving our LPPRD Communication was discussed for our web page, face book

       Newsletter and setting up e-mail list for district members. This was deferred to another



     G.  Gene Weber has  released himself  from a board contact with the LPPRD Hatchery

           Chairman has appointed Jeff Kimber  to be our liaison.


5.      New Business

            Princeton Dam Account money needs to be clarified for our spring meeting. We need to

  Have the approval to transfer funds over for future  State grant projects.


A.       Insurance coverage was checked. LPPRD has liability coverage only for volumters,

No accident insurance. It was suggested by our Insurer that we develop a insurance waiver for volunteers and a sign-in form. This was deferred to another meeting.


6.     Adjournment