Approved Minutes

Lake Puckaway Protection & Rehabilitation District

December 9, 2019


1 .Meeting Called to order at 10:00 AM  by Chairman McCulloch

2. Certification of Open Meetings Law- posted in three locations in the district

3. Roll Call in attendance, McCulloch, Swanke, Schweder, Kimber, Wilson absent- Barnes

4. Motion to Approve Agenda- -Schweder-2nd Kimber, motion carried

5. Motion to approve minutes from April 27, 2019 –Schweder/ second Kimber, motion carried

6. Secretary’s Report-McCulloch;

A. summary of 2019 Lake Puckaway Endangered and Threatened Species Monitoring Project, Tern Rafts Report

B. Fox River Algae and Phosphorus data for July 2019,

 C.  Princeton Dam Repair Update,

D. Ducks Unlimited Support and NAWCA Funding commitment to Lake Puckaway East/West Dredge Bank Restoration Project and Lake Protection Grant/ Professional Service Agreement between LPPRD and Onterra for grant writing,  

E. 2018-2019 draw down of Lake not applicable because of lake level exceeding maximum water flow and height, 2020 not option for draw down because must has 2 consecutive years of water below minimum level, year 2021 process will begin again if water levels meet standards,

F.  District WEB site has been down for several months and WEB page has not been updated because it has been corrupted.  Contact has been made with the WEB designer  to find out when and if the system will be up and running again,

 7. Treasurers report no action required

 8. Old Business- Princeton Dam Construction has begun and target for completion in the

fall of 2020, consideration should be given to monitor lake levels while construction of the dam is ongoing possibly pay someone to monitor levels,


Grant Application for Dredge Bank of $100,000 was reduced to $95,000  the grant is in effect until 2022, discussion on possible areas to use for ice road/helicopter to bring

material to bank for construction,


Cutting dead trees on the east end of lake by the DNR. Cost will be below $3,000

Motion by Kimber/second by Wilson to pay the Wisconsin DNR up to $3,000 for dead tree cutting-motion passed.



Fund Raiser by Puckaway People WEB site selling T-Shirts donated to LPPRD by Janet Rowe Muller and Christine Calnin

Motion to accept check from Puckaway People Fund Raiser and to apply it to Bird & Hatching Fund- Kimber/second by Wilson –motion passed


Public Comments-

Lan Derman 541 Herman St.  Ripon, Wisconsin 54971

Construction of a ice bridge across his and his neighbors property just north of dredge bank in 2004-2005. Filed paper work with the Wisconsin DNR and it was approved. He strongly recommends that this process be used because of the proximity of his land and the dredge bank. The distance is much closer than to try barge material across the lake or building an ice road. Derman wants the district to consider using his property as an ice bridge for the upcoming project of reconstruction of the dredge bank. He is very enthusiastic about the arrangement because it would save time and money.


Conclusion of meeting- motion to adjourn-Wilson/second by Kimber

11:38 AM    


Next Meeting January 11, 2020 Marquette Village Hall