Approved Minutes

Lake Puckaway Protection & Rehabilitation District

January 11, 2020


1. Meeting Called to order at 10:08 am by Chairman McCulloch 

2. Certification of Open Meetings Law- posted in three locations in the district

3. Roll Call in attendance, McCulloch, Swanke, Barnes, Wilson, Stalker

  absent-  Kimber, Schweder

4. Motion to Approve Agenda- -Motion--Weber-2nd Barnes, motion carried

5. Motion to Approve Minutes from December 7, 2019 –Motion--Weber          2nd Barnes, motion carried

6. Secretary’s Report-McCulloch; 

          A. Grant Application submission April 1, 2020, , Grant will be from $50,000 to $200,000  -Ducks Unlimited prepared to contribute up to $95,000 towards the project.

          B. Project on East/West Dredge Bank approximately 1200 feet of material.      

          C. February 2020 first application for grant.

          D. Several options to move material to dredge bank including;

          Land Bridge or Barge whatever is most cost effective

          E. Green lake County very helpful in filling out grant application and working out the logistics 

          F. WEB Page-P. Anastasi makes presentation on potential designers and 

              content. Motion--  Barnes, 2nd  McCulloch to go forward with WEB page   replacement with cost and decision at the March meting

7. Old Business/New business- Letter of Resignation

         Keith Barnes with regret I am resigning my position as Commissioner/Treasurer effective January 12, 2020. -Motion to accept resignation - Wilson 2nd McCulloch –passed unanimously 

8. Next meeting scheduled March 7, 2020- Modified to March 14, 2020 10am Village of Marquette Hall 4th street

 9. Motion to Adjourn- Wilson 2nd Swanke 11:20 am