Lake Puckaway Protection & Rehabilitation District

2020 Annual Meeting and Budget Presentation


Village of Marquette- Pavilion-outside

127 E. 4th St.

Marquette, Wisconsin 53947


August 29, 2020 - 9:00 A.M.


Unapproved Minutes


Chairman Kurt McCulloch opened meeting 9:05 AM

1.    Open meeting law certification ch 33.30 (1) posted in 3 places, put in the Markesan Reporter on two occasions and annual reports sent to 1020 households in the district according to the tax rolls.


2.    Roll Call was taken; present Kurt McCulloch, James Johnson, Jeff Kimber,

Roger Swanke, Willie Stalker, Gary Wilson, Bob Schweer

3.    Approval of the agenda, Paul Gettelman moved that the agenda remain as published with Jeff Kimber as a second. Motion carried unanimously


4.    Jeff Kimber, secretary, summarized minutes from the June 1, 2019 annual meeting, Paul Gettelman moved to approve the minutes as posted on the LPPRD web site and posted in three areas in the district, Larry Loeffler second the motion, Motion carried unanimously


5.    James Johnson, treasurer, summarized the financial report outlining account balances,


Hatchery and Buoy checking account-$6,886.15

Money Market Account-$125,037.64

Certificates of Deposit-$112,961.82

Total Funds-$304,999.83


Johnson also pointed out that several volunteers paid out money to complete and repair the Tern Rafts this summer and were reimbursed. He thanked them for all their help and dedication.


Paul Gettelman made a point of information, stating that the Fish Hatchery account should remain separate because several people had made donation specifically for the hatchery and that account should not be included in the general fund.

Johnson concurred and made a note of it.


Chairman McCulloch asked for motion to approve the treasurerís report, a motion was made by Ron Triemstra to approve the treasurerís report, Paul Gettelman second the motion. Motion carried unanimously.


6.    Chairman McCullochís-Report

Princeton Dam completed, training on operation of the gates has yet to be completed because of COVID -19. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) completely funded the project. None of our tax levy was used.

We can now can turn our attention to the Dredge Bank Project which we have received some grant money in March of this year. We also have commitments from Ducks Unlimited for $90,000 and the DNR for $200,000.


The DNR money comes with a stipulation that the district contributing 25% to the project approximately $50,000. We must also must have a wind study done to outline the turbidity of the water in the east and west basins. The dredge bank project is a continuation of the bank to the east.


Derek Kavanaugh from Green Lake County Land Conservation has been a tremendous help with the study and obtaining the grant.


This is going to be a great project for the lake but what is different about this project is we donít get the money from the DNR until project is completed. So in each grant after we submit the bills we will be reimbursed.


Ducks Unlimited is doing the paperwork because they have lots of experience in this area.


The bank will be extended to the east with fabric put down along with rock. The new bank will not be continuous because the DNR has stated that it will trap nutrients and alga if we donít have water flow. We will have a 3 to 1 or 2 to 1 fabric to rock ratio.


The installation of the dredge bank extension will occur during summer water levels.



The bank will not extend above the water level and will be marked by buoys. The first phase will be 1200 foot extension of the current bank to the east, rock 15 by 20 inches will be installed along with fabric. Bids for the project are projected for this fall. ††


We will be able to proceed to phase two of the project while completing phase one. If we contribute more money to these projects we can possibly receive grater funding.


We will need an additional $14,700 for a plant study and $110,000 for phase one of the project.


Chainman McCulloch opened the floor for public comment;


Jill Wortman asked about the access roads that may be built for the project and will there be public access?


A.   Derek Kavanaugh from Green Lake County Land Conservation replied there are three different options and weather plays a part in it. Building a road or ice bridge on Haystack Point and truck the material out onto the ice is one option, building a road or ice bridge on the north shore and truck the material out onto the ice is another option and the last option is to barge the material out onto the lake from Marquette Village launch DNR parking lot onto the lake. Rock must be stock piled before these events can occur.


Brian Zimmerman asked what the cost comparison was between barging and building ice roads?


A.   Derek Kavanaugh from Green Lake County Land Conservation replied it is approximately $1.89 per ton more


Jill Wortman asked if land owners were going to be paid for the use of their property?


A.   Derek Kavanaugh from Green Lake County Land Conservation replied that as of now no payment was discussed.


Brian Zimmerman asked about increasing the participation amount how that would figure into the two phase project?


A.   Chairman McCulloch replied Uncertain. Maybe reimbursed. Derek Kavanaugh replied that he thought it would be reimbursable. He also replied he would rather put money into rock rather than ice roads.


Nancy Plenner asked if the money for this project will come from the money we have on hand?


A.   Chairman McCulloch replied the money has already been budgeted.


Sandy Stansell asked what does the break water accomplish?


A.   Derek Kavanaugh from Green Lake County Land Conservation replied it will help stop the turbidly from the wave action and promote weed growth.


Sandy Stansell commented about the weed growth on the west and north end of the lake. Itís terrible, People having a hard time getting their boats off their lifts. What can we do about these weeds?


A.   ††Derek Kavanaugh from Green Lake County Land Conservation replied plant growth is high because of the continuous high water. If we stop the turbidity and promote emergent plants not the weeds that are growing on that end of the lake we will be much better off than the weeds we have growing now. The high water and wave action has decreased the emergent plants that we need in the lake. No sand has been added to the dredge bank since some time in the 1980ís.††


Norman Welch asked what can we do about weed growth on the west end? He believes they are coming from Buffalo Lake. How do we stop it?


A.   Chairman McCulloch replied not sure I am not a professional. We will document it and try to get an answer.


Sally Fitgoli commented that there are bogs coming from down river from Buffalo Lake and every day we hear people running into heavy weeds fouling their engines. Shoreline and piers are being damaged we need someone to check these things out. I I purchased a resort near the Good Olde Days area and something has got to be done.


A.   Chairman McCullough answered that we need a study to document this and we will try and do something.

Brian Zimmerman commented that the grant money could be used for the plant study and that may help.


Chairman McCulloch commented that the


Fish hatchery has not done real well the last three years because of high water and COVID -19 pandemic. The buoy markers were put in by a group of volunteers. We may lose some light off the top of a few of them but the young guys were able to get them in Okay. Randy Schmidt stated that the weeds on the west end and in the river have become a problem and just cleaning the off buoys is a real chore. Bob from Tuck A Way and some young men should be thanked for their efforts installing the buoys and Randy for maintaining the buoys in the river.


The tern raft project is going well. Rafts were updated this spring and summer. There have been 102 terns tagged and we have the largest population of terns in the state. Because of the project and its success possibly more grant money could come our way for future projects.


I had planned on a special meeting to update everyone on the grants that the district had applied for and to have a discussion about issue that were brought up in prior meetings but because of the COVID virus there can only be a small number of people allowed at one time it in a building,becomes a problem because who do you allow to come to a meeting, where do we meet because the village will not allow us in to have a large meeting.


The budget issues that are before us are a $14,700 dollar for a weed study and $110,000 dollars for 1012 feet of dredge bank extension to the east from the extension dredge bank.


Treasure Johnson stated there was an error in the financial report where the anticipated donation for 2020 was listed as 2029 also the interest should not be safety deposit. Johnson also stated the tax levy should remain the same as listed in the hand out.


Chairman McCulloch stated that the shallow water group has met for training because of COVID 19 and because we have our own volunteers for water quality monitoring there have been no training for them either.


Chairman McCulloch stated that because of donation from Ducks Unlimited and the DNR we may not use all our grant money and may have to return some of it. We will need $60,000 dollars for the dredge bank project.


Motion to adopt report made by Ron Triemstra a second by Willie Stalker

Motion carried unanimously


Derek Kavanaugh from Green Lake County Land Conservation stated we need to look at long term issues of weeds and the problem the lake is having with weeds on the west and north shore but weed growth is very important to water quality.


Election of one Commissioner


Roger Swanke term is coming to an end. His term was from 2017-2020


Chairman McCulloch -I will open the floor for nominations; are there any nominations for commissioner?


Larry Loeffler was recognized by the chair he nominated Roger Swanke for commissioner. Is there a second?The chair recognized Bill Hunter who second the nomination of Roger Swanke and Roger Swanke was placed into nomination


There chair asked if there was any other nomination?Richard Pergande was recognized by the chair he nominated Jason Schlinger for commissioner. Is there a second? The chair recognized Randy Schmidt who second the nomination of Jason Schlinger and Jason Schlinger was placed into nomination.


The chair asked if there were any other nominations? There were no other nominations ballots were passed out when attendees signed the attendance sheet for the meeting.


The chair asked both candidates for a brief summary of their qualifications.


Jason Schlinger was first to speak; he stated he was from Edgerton, Wisconsin but recently bought property on the south shore. He has asked the commissioners how he can help the district. He has seen the lake change over the past few years and is deeply concerned. He likes pheasant hunting and other outdoor sports activities. He has worked for the Janesville, Wisconsin parks department and has a degree. His father was a game warden and has passed away.


Commissioner Roger Swanke was last to speak; he stated he was deeply concerned about the proposed draw down that was in the lake management plan and has been very outspoken about it. He has tried to speak about it at meetings but was not given the floor. He stated if you think there is trouble with weeds now if the water is drown down you will have a lot more. The choice is up to you.


The chair stated that voting would occur with the blank card attached to the hand out sheet. Put the initials or name of the person you are voting for on the card.


Chair called for a break while votes were counted. 10:00 AM


Chairman McCulloch called the meeting to order after the break 10:08 AM

Commissioner Kimber announced the results;

Jason Schlinger 37-- Roger Swanke 19


Commissioner Kimber asked for a motion to approve the nomination of Jason Schlinger for commissioner term 2020 to 2023 -Mark Motra moved to approve the nomination Faye Pergande second motion.

Motion was passed unanimously.


Jason Schlinger was seated as commissioner term 2020-2023


Chairman McCulloch asked for nominations for the position of Chairman of the Lake District board of commissioners.

Commissioner Kimber nominated Kurt McCulloch as Chairman and Commissioner Stalker second the nomination, no other nominations were made

Commissioner McCulloch was seated as the Chairman.


Chairman McCulloch asked for nominations for the position of Treasure of the Lake District and board of commissioners.

Chairman McCulloch nominated James Johnson as treasurer and Commissioner Stalker second the nomination, no other nominations were made

Commissioner Johnson was seated as the Treasurer.


Chairman McCulloch asked for nominations for the position of Secretary of the Lake District and board of commissioners.

Commissioner Stalker nominated Jeff Kimber as secretary and Commissioner Johnson second the nomination, no other nominations were made

Commissioner Kimber was seated as the Secretary.


Chairman McCulloch addressed the topics of weeds, the shallow water study group and trying to get something started as soon as possible.


Tom Bratz had a question concerning access roads and the hauling of material for the dredge bank on Fox Court on the north shore. He stated the roads are not built for that amount of tonnage and this issue needs to be noted in the minutes.


Chairman McCulloch stated he didnít know what the meeting schedule will be in the future.


Commissioner Kimber made a motion to adjourn Commissioner Wilson second the motion. Meeting adjourned at 10:25 AM