Lake Puckaway Protection & Rehabilitation District

December 5, 2020


Commissioner Kimber called the meeting to order at 10:00 am

3 members of the public were in attendance


1.    Certification of Open Meetings Law- 33.30 (1) posted in three locations in the district


2.    Roll call was taken present; commissioners Kimber, Johnson, Stalker, Schlimgen          

          absent commissioners Wilson, Boutwell


3. Adoption of Agenda- No Objections


4.    Appointment of new commissioner to fill term of deceased

Kurt McCulloch 2019-2022 –chairman


      5. Call for nominations; Commissioner Kimber nominates

          Paul Gettelman to fill the term of Commissioner McCulloch 2019-2022,

Commissioner Stalker seconds the nomination- No other nominations were placed

Paul Gettelman accepts nomination and was appointed to fill the unexpired term


5.    Election of Chairman- Commissioner Kimber nominates Paul Gettelman as chairman commissioner Stalker seconds the nomination; Paul Gettelman accepts the nomination. Commissioner Kimber asks for additional nominations there are none. Paul Gettelman is elected Chairman by acclamation. All other officers remain the same, Commissioner Kimber- Secretary, Commissioner Johnson- Treasurer 


6.    Chairman Gettelman leads discussion on commissioner’s duties and need for help on all other aspects of the Lake District. Topic also discussed hatchery, water levels, excessive vegetation in the lake tied to up steam water quality. Also discussed were potential meetings on the dredge bank and islands installed in the lake, along with having a secure place for the Lake District records.


7.    Motion to adjourn was made by Gettelman and second by Kimber at 10:37 am

motion passed