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Home of the Lake Puckaway Protection Rehabilitation District

Mission Statement - Our Purpose

  • Preserve the recreational and economic value of the resource for the enjoyment of its residents and visitors, now and into the future.

  • Protect and enhance the quality of Lake Puckaway's fish and wildlife values;

  • Promote ecologically balanced water levels, water clarity, and shoreline habitat.

  • Promote the history and proper management of the lake. 

  • Promote the education, research, and information sharing between organizations, individuals, government bodies and the general public for the protection, preservation and improvement of Lake Puckaway.

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Lake Puckaway Protection and Rehabilitation District was created in 1977. Lake Puckaway is early-on in the Fox River chain, which starts around Portage, WI and empties into Green Bay of Lake Michigan.

Lake Puckaway is a 9x2 mile shallow lake that encompasses 5433 acres of water and is an excellent recreation lake with activities including fishing, swimming, boating, and duck hunting. 

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